Which Gaga Wax was Best?

Yesterday we showed you the wax model of Lady Gaga being unveiled in London, England and as we said, it was fierce! That wasn't the only Gaga wax though! In 4 other Madame Tussaud's museums all over the world, their was a different Gaga! Check these out and tell us who you think did the best job of making a model!
Lady Gaga wax London
Gaga wax Las Vegas
Lady Gaga wax London
Gaga wax Las Vegas
Lady Gaga wax Las Vegas
Lady Gaga wax Las Vegas
Lady Gaga wax NYC
New York City
Wax Figure of Lady Gaga NYC
New York City
Wax Figure of Lady Gaga LA
Los Angeles
Wax Figure of Lady Gaga
Los Angeles
Lady Gaga's wax figure Berlin
Lady Gaga's wax figure Berlin
Source: WENN.com
Published Dec 10 2010 4:56 PM
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