Where Does Lady Gaga Shop?!

Sunday 2:14 PM, 06/12/2009

We spotted Lady Gaga returning to her London hotel last night in her latest crazy outfit and we can't help but wonder, where does that woman get her clothes?! Yesterday the singer wore a see-through latex dress and antlers on her head and even though we would never dream of wearing it ourselves it somehow works on Lady Gaga, or what do you think?!
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annabellss.(non member) 1
06/12/2009 4:33 PM
that doesn't work in any way!
lady gaga will
never cease to surprise me with her choice of
'clothing' lol ...

ditto(non member) 2
06/12/2009 6:33 PM

Ashley41(non member) 3
08/03/2010 12:34 AM
lady gaga is sooooo stupid!!
why can't she just
dress like a normal person??!!

Nic(non member) 4
09/12/2009 11:55 AM
She has her own fashion label, called Hause of
Gaga, and that's where a group of designers make
these crazy but surprising outfits for her. But at
least, her style is getting "boring"!


amy(non member) 5
10/12/2009 9:53 PM
i love lady gaga's style. it is something new and
also something you do not see so often. i mean
"wow" she is the best lol. i love her to deth and
being who she is. is really cool. ima trnsgender
and i support her,

lovleycoolgirl (Posh24 member) 6
12/01/2010 3:27 AM
Lady Gaga is a total freak! Where does she shop?!
Crazy Town?!

lovinlifelivinfree(non member) 7
11/05/2010 2:23 AM
lady gaga is GREAT!!! i love her style. shes not
afraid to be out there like me! and no one is
normal. we all have our quirks. so dont say 'why
doesnt she dress like a normal person!' because
truth is everyone is different. GO GAGA!!!!:]

AmberAssault(non member) 8
10/09/2010 9:12 AM
She is very passionate about being different and I
admire her for that...My friend Mia Malice and I
are kindof like her it that way... o.O We love
wearing bright neon shirts and silver leggings and
teasing our hair and you know, being ourselves....
:) An

Drella(non member) 9
07/01/2011 1:16 AM
I love the question: "Why doesn't lady Gaga dress
like a normal person?" Why because Lady Gaga has
the freedom to dress how she wants and is inspired
new, innovative, and most importantly original
designs. Nothing wrong with normal, but normal
needs to

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