Lady Gaga: "I'm A Free Spirit, And I Still Have *** At The Beach!"

Thursday 8:30 AM, 09/08/2012
Lady Gaga is really more than what meets the eye, but ok, who didn't know that before? We can imagine she's full of secrets! But away from the public eye the new queen of pop admits that she secretly has sex on the beach and goes topless in bars. "I'm a complete free spirit, so, even though you don’t see it, I still find time to have sex at night on the beach when no one’s around," she says in a recent interview in Vogue.

“Or roll into a bar and get [bleeped] up, and dance with my top off. It’s just that no one ever sees that, because I have great real friends who never let me do it when I would get caught.", she continued. We hope Anna Wintour has some kind of humour, having this interview in their September issue, and we can't help but love Gaga! (nypost)
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(Facebook member) 1
09/08/2012 12:19 PM
The new queen of pop. YEEAAAH

Christina78 (Posh24 member) 2
09/08/2012 7:12 PM
Gaga is my BITCH !!

gaga shoes(non member) 3
10/08/2012 12:38 AM
how can she walk on the shoes you could see her
boobs and is she not wear any underwear

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