Lady Gaga and Mika: British Best Friends!

Tuesday 7:12 PM, 21/04/2009

Quirky couple!

Quirky couple!
We are loving Lady Gaga's hats these days!

We are loving Lady Gaga's hats these days!



Paris Hilton is not the only celeb with a new British Best Friend! Lady GaGa and Mika looked all tight and cosy outside the trendy Hakkasan Restaurant in London last night. Of course Lady Gaga was dressed to be noticed as usual! She was in the same black leotard and sexy thigh high boots she wore on the Paul O' Grady show earlier the same day.

Watch Lady Gaga on the Paul O' Grady Show:

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lolo(non member) 1
21/04/2009 8:45 PM
she is stupid!
i hate her

stupid lady gaga(non member) 2
10/10/2010 9:44 PM
i agree with lolo! :D shes stupid and dumb in her
head. she was on drugs and i dont know if she is
still...but i dont like her songs/poker face-i
think she wanted to see that she never shows her
face thats why shes like poker face (poker as
stupid and not

stupid lady gaga(non member) 3
21/04/2009 10:32 PM
i hate her
i heard she was a man search her in
google she do so DISGUSTING THINGS i cant belive
she have fans

kio12 (Posh24 member) 4
22/04/2009 2:30 AM
i hate her
but her clothes r cute !!
plus i
only like the songs !!

stupid(non member) 5
22/04/2009 7:05 PM
i hate her

lady gaga<3(non member) 6
22/04/2009 7:29 PM
I love her!

sheisFUGLY(non member) 7
22/04/2009 10:11 PM
She is such a weirdo and what are they BOTH
wearing, bunch of tramps

OMG!(non member) 8
23/04/2009 6:05 AM
Why do you haters even bother coming here
Lady Gaga is awesome, so go suck a gummy
What is up with you people, searching for
celebs to hate on, right?
If you don't like her,
don't search for her. Simple.

VanetianPrincess (Posh24 member) 9
23/04/2009 8:34 PM
Dear &#733;OMG!&#733;.

So what some of the
people don´t like her, big deal. I think she´s
stupid and dumb. Well ddd. (:

Your´s truley

:) lady gaga(non member) 10
26/04/2009 8:37 PM
lady gaga,is a great singer and just likes 2 be
herself with the clothes she weas and for the
record i think she looks awesome! xoxo

SHE RULES(non member) 11
27/04/2009 6:14 PM

well(non member) 12
27/04/2009 7:44 PM
i hate demi lovato!

Moonie(non member) 13
27/04/2009 8:41 PM
iSwear she'sz a lesbian?

I love her!(non member) 14
28/04/2009 9:08 AM
Hello! She was never on drugs she jst looks like
it frm her body language I <3 her outfits they are
soo original Look at her on asos magazine I love
the tedy bears she's got!

GaGaFan (Posh24 member) 15
02/05/2009 4:46 PM
You guys are dumb,so pathetic to come to comment
on her like that,I am her #1 fan!! Love you,and
your songs,and your outfits,though I'm not allowed
to wear that stuff!!!

Lady Lala(non member) 16
13/05/2009 1:38 PM
Love lady gaga + Mika <3

You people are so
ignorant.. get a life

.(non member) 17
16/05/2009 11:12 PM
HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAH, what a voice, even i can sing
better than her!

Chloe.(non member) 18
17/05/2009 4:48 PM
whats with the lipstick? omg!

Brap 2 East London!!!(non member) 19
17/05/2009 6:01 PM
East London crew out there i just wanna say

MelissaTheeMikaFreaka(non member) 20
24/05/2009 12:49 PM
Zomgg MIKA And Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga's Good I Guess
But MIKA's Amazing I Love What He's Wearing! I
Love You MIKA <3

OMG(non member) 21
27/05/2009 12:15 AM
how can yall say dat about the one an only LADY
GAGA i wuz ther at the paul o grady show an i met
her as she wuz comin out of the studio she has a
gr8 sense ov humour LUV U LADY GAGA 4 EVA!!!!!!

Lalala(non member) 22
08/06/2009 6:33 PM
I think that Lady Gaga can sing...and she's
pretty. But she'd be even prettier if she'd cover
her goodies.

Thaís (Brazil)(non member) 23
18/06/2009 2:09 AM
I wanted to be Lady Gaga just to be Mika's best

MIKA!(non member) 24
18/07/2009 4:08 PM
Awww, Mika is so cute, I love him <3

boommm!(non member) 25
12/08/2009 3:14 PM
nu-uh. :) lady gaga's so awesomeeeeeee.

o.o(non member) 26
26/01/2010 5:04 AM
geez...i woulda never thought. o.o

Rickk(non member) 27
11/02/2010 8:52 PM
very funny to see people 'hate' gaga
while the
don't even know her!!

i think it would be very
cool if mika and gaga make a song together!!!

AWW(non member) 28
08/03/2010 5:14 PM
I Love Mika...And I Love Gaga...They Should
Tottally Date!! :P HAAA Mika Has A Green Purse! :/

MikaManiac(non member) 29
21/03/2010 12:25 PM
Oooh, my focus is on Mika...
Mika GO MIKA <3 U SO

baby gaga(non member) 30
12/04/2010 5:48 AM
lady gaga please stop partying with paris....she's
a big suck for your career....i mean
it...swear...she;s gonna break your career.

sofie(non member) 31
13/04/2010 4:54 PM
mika .......(

sophieeeee(non member) 32
13/04/2010 5:05 PM
it would looke better if he hadnt such hair

LOVE LADY GAGA(non member) 33
27/05/2010 4:08 PM
I Wannabe Lady Gaga's bbf :)

lebanese(non member) 34
25/06/2010 3:24 PM
u ppl know that mika is lebanese
he is awesome
and fantastic i was at his concert yesterday he
rocked the stage

Rawr(non member) 35
18/07/2011 9:04 PM
I prefer Mika to Lady G, but that's because he's a
legend ;)

Ellieroo(non member) 36
15/09/2011 11:10 PM
What's mika doing with her? He's a legend and
she's rubbish! Anyway, I WANT HIM! ;)

Lilli Connolly-live on(non member) 37
25/01/2014 3:05 AM
I personally think that those of you who are
making the nasty comments are quite rude. For
starters, this is their life and they are just
having fun. They are actually living life and
following their dreams. Next...Mika, your music
really inspires me. Lad

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