Is Lady Gaga a Louboutin-oholic?

We totally adore Lady Gaga's Louboutin wardrobe! Imagine having these Shoes? To die for! We'd be happy if we even had just one pair! Here are ten of Gaga's Louboutin's. Which pair are your favorites? Click on the pics and find out right away!
Lady gaga black and yellow dress black louboutins blonde long hair bangles
Lady Gaga celebrated New Year's Eve in an all golden outfit. And of course, a pair of Louboutin's!
Lady Gaga london green suit green louboutins sunglasses red lipstick hat
Lady Gaga looking smashing in her Louboutin "Bibi"'s.
Lady Gaga fishnets fur coat beige louboutin sunglasses earrings
All green, Lady Gaga!
Lady Gaga blond hair wavy pink shirt black skirt black suede louboutin sunglasses
Cool outfit, Gaga! Her beige Louboutin "Daffodiles" look awesome!
Lady Gaga yellow hair golden louboutin blonde hair red lipstick heart sunglasses
Oh-so-cool Gaga!
Lady Gaga purple louboutin blue skirt patterned bluse hat sunglasses fans
Always a head turner, Lady Gaga! Her golden platform Louboutin's are so cool!
Lady Gaga golden suit new year's louboutin sunglasses red lipstick
Lady like, Lady Gaga!
Lady Gaga louboutin black fishnet green hair feather hat feather dress
All dressed in feathers, and her cool leather Louboutin's!
Lady Gaga green patterned jacket black pants black louboutin red lipstick hat
Hats and Louboutin's, two of Gaga's favorite fashion accessories!
Lady Gaga neon green pink dress hot pink hat sunglasses black louboutin
What's that Pink Teletubbie thing? Her Shoes are so much nicer!
Published Jan 26 2012 8:08 PM
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