Lady Gaga

28 March 1986, Yonkers, New York, USA
28 years

Lady Gaga was born in 1986 in New York. Both her parents are from Italy and she went to Catholic school as young. Lady Gaga, or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has quickly become known for her music, crazy style and funky hairdo. She has written music, not only to herself but also to Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls. It was only after the artist Akon realized that she could sing as she had the opportunity to record the number one hit, Just Dance, which was released in 2008. Sincethen she has recived seceral music awards, such as Grammy awards and MTV-awards. She has released three albums, The Fame, The Fame Monster and Born This Way

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Is The Fame Getting to Gaga?!

Thursday 11:55 AM, 25/03/2010
Take care Gaga! Singer Lady Gaga
Pop sensation Lady Gaga has been on a whirlwind world tour for more than a year now and this week in New Zealand and Australia, the queen of strange is beginning to show she is just human afterall. Poor Gaga has passed out live on stage 3 times during her tour Down Under and fans have been very worried about her! She explained it all on a radio show yesterday saying she was very jet-lagged when she arrived and would rather die on stage than walk off out of a show just because she was tired. She promises that she has had some rest and is feeling all better. We hope that's true Gaga! (Source: People)
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Whose Crazy Funky Shoes?

Monday 5:17 PM, 22/03/2010
Love love this dress! Cool tattoos!
No they don't belong to Lady Gaga for a change! We thought so too at first, but then we noticed it was hot European pop star Doda! This is the amazing outfit she wore this weekend for a television appearance as a judge for a show called "Just Us Two." We just love her whole look, we can't stop staring at this outfit, from the hair and the glasses, to the backless leather dress and of course those insane shoes!
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Latest news!

Lady Gaga Fights Back!

Monday 8:47 AM, 22/03/2010
Don't mess with the Lady!
This weekend news hit that Lady Gaga's former boyfriend and song producer Rob Fusari is trying to sue her for $30 million dollars, claiming that she has a contract with him that says he is entitled to 20% of all the money her records make (read more here! But Gaga is not taking nonsense from anyone, not even the guy who "discovered" her! She has fought back and is suing him right back! Lady Gaga's lawyer is making the case that Rob took advantage of a young woman with a lot of talent and forced her into an unlawful contract. We think this is going to get exciting and we hope Lady Gaga wins the war! This guy sounds like a total creep to us! (Source:
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Gaga's Bad Romance Bites Back!

Saturday 9:03 AM, 20/03/2010
Gaga's first scandal!
Oooh some juicy Lady Gaga gossip just in! A music producer, Rob Fusari is suing Lady Gaga for $30 million dollars because he says he co-wrote more than 4 of her hit singles! He says he discovered Lady Gaga and even helped come up with her stage name, he also says that before Gaga met him, she had a more rock sound and it was his idea to add dance music to her songs!

The really interesting part of the story is that the two used to be lovers, but after their relationship ended and Lady Gaga got her first big music contract with Interscope Records, she stopped returning his calls and stopped paying him the royalty fees of 20 percent of all her earnings from like Paparazzi, that he says he co-wrote! Interesting! Watch this space for more info as this story develops! (Source:
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Gaga VS Fergie - Whose Stage Style is Hotter?

Thursday 8:35 PM, 18/03/2010
Gaga does crazyy head pieces like no one else! We love Fergie's strange dances too! She goes way out there with her clothes! Fergie knows how to do sexy!
They are both two of the hottest performers on stage right now! Lady Gaga and Fergie have been performing on some of the same stages at a whole lot of Awards shows this year. We think they might even be competing with each other a bit, to see how crazy and exciting they can make their time on stage. Especially when it comes to the outfits! Whose stage style do you like best though?


Who is hotter on stage?

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Hot like no other

Lady Gaga Talks About the "Telephone" Hype!

Tuesday 1:11 PM, 16/03/2010
Ooh ladies!
As you all know Lady Gaga's latest video featuring Beyonce "Telephone" has been smashing up the internet over the last few days. Everyone is watching it! The full length video directed by Swedish artist Jonas Åkerlund and its causing a big sensation, just like everything else Gaga does! When asked what the video was inspired by Lady Gaga says it wasn't really made to make sense, but she thinks it "ended up being about transexual women and highlighting fun American hallmarks like soda cans, cigarettes and mayo". Well there you have it straight from Gaga's lips. We agree, it doesn't really make sense, but its a lot of fun to watch! Here you go enjoy!
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