La Toya Jackson

29 May 1956, Gary, Indiana, USA
58 years

Jack Gordon
La Toya Jackson is an American singer-songwriter, TV-personality and aauthor. She´s also sister to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. In 1981, Jackson released her self-titled debut and her first single was called "If You Feel The Funk". La Toya Jackson have made over 11 studio albums.

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Top 6! The Most Bizarre Celebrity Conspiracy Theories!

Wednesday 9:08 PM, 13/11/2013
2. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite, according to conspiracy theories. This is said to be supported by the fact that she adopted her children. 3. Some people say Britney Spears' 2007 meltdown was a cover up by George W. Bush, to turn attention from what the government was doing overseas. 4. Paul McCartney is said to have died in a car crash a couple of decades back, and was replaced by a man who won his lookalike contest. 5. This one is well known. Beyonce was never pregnant with her baby Blue Ivy Carter, because she sat down in a sofa when being pregnant and her "baby bump" folded with her.
6. Michael Jackson and his sister La Toya Jackson are (were) the same person. It is also suggested that Michael was castrated as a teen.
We often hear weird rumors about our favorite celebrities, but sometimes, the rumors go so far that they become conspiracy theories. Some of them are so bizarre we just simply laugh at them, so we figure'd we'd share them with you. Click on the pics and read our top list of the weirdest celebrity conspiracy theories ever!
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The Worst Dressed Celebs of 2010!

Monday 3:19 PM, 03/01/2011
2010 was filled with some real fashion horrors. Here is a look back at some of the outfits on celebrities like Snooki, Lindsay Lohan...READ MORE ▶
10. Jersey Shore's tiny little orange munchkin Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki. Love her or hate her, you have to admit, this girl just is not a fashionista. Everything she puts on is a disaster and she has no idea how to dress for her body type! 9. We don't like putting Phoebe Price in the spotlight too much, because we know that's all she is trying to do by dressing the way she does. We definitely get the feeling, this isn't her real style and she dresses for attention. Still we have to admit her outfits are some of the most famously bad of the year! 8. Kanye West's ex and model Amber Rose is another one who dresses to get attention for all the wrong reason, but with her, we think this is her style. You can just tell she thinks she looks all that and completely sexy. Yuck! 7. Proof that Lindsay Lohan was taking some seriously bind-bending substances in 2010. That is the only explanation we can think of for outfits like this one. Believe it or not Lilo actually knows a lot about fashion and before she became a hot mess, was considered to be a fashionista! 6. Taylor Momsen. The 17 year old who spent the whole year walking around in lingerie and garter stockings. Often in the middle of the day. She is going to look back at this stage in her dress style and cry with embarrassment. At least we hope she does! 5. Bai Ling. What else is there to say. This girl doesn't like to wear a lot of fabric. The more ridiculous and boldly printed the better. 4. La Toya Jackson is stuck in some kind of fugly  fashion time capsule. All her outfits are seriously outdated and bad. 3. Nicki Minaj. She arrived on the red carpets quite late in the year, but wow did she make her mark! One terrible and monstrous too-tight revealing outfit after another. Some people are huge fans and are calling her the next Gaga. We are not so sure! 2. Kesha wants you to call her Ke$ha, but we prefer "baby Gaga". The huge difference between Gaga and Kesha is that Lady Gaga references some iconic moments in fashion history, while Kesha just makes an ugly mess with hair, makeup and color choices. 1. The reigning queen of bad taste. Nobody does it quite as badly as Jordan aka Katie Price. The hilarious thing is that she is so rich she could afford to buy any couture outfit she wanted. Instead she still shops at the local fantasy sex shop for her red carpet outfits. You can't buy class or style. That's a fact girls!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Tuesday 2:32 PM, 19/10/2010
8. What happened to Teri Hatcher? She is usually so stylish on the red carpet but it looks like all her fashion sense went out with the hair she cut off! This new shorter cut with this blue buttoned up dress makes her look like a boring old prude! 7. Demi Lovato made a big red carpet mistake at the American Music Awards this week. There can be a fine line between high fashion and costume and in this outfit Demi definitely went too far over to the super hero costume look! It really doesn't work for us sorry Demi! 6. Paris Hilton was a disaster for us at the Bravo TV event this week. First of all her makeup is a mess and then this dress does nothing for her body and that necklace just looks totally out of place as does the big tote bag! Tone it down Paris! 5. Singer M.I.A is known for her unique and sometimes crazy style and this weekend at the Scream Awards she arrived in a burka she made herself. We think this was more of a political statement than a fashion statement as burkas are meant to cover up the body completely and are the opposite of fashionable, even when they have funky pattern on the fabric! 4. Gillian Anderson made her strangest style choice ever with this green vintage dress!  Shabby chic does not mean a torn hem people! This could have been quite an interesting outfit if it wasn't falling apart! 3. Poor Hilary Duff was trying to be edgy in a pair of wet-look leather pants while promoting her book recently and instead she came out in public with camel toe! Yuck! 2. We are not sure what actress Sandra Vergara was thinking with this too-tight, too short, badly fitting lace dress. Even worse that she was at a fashion party for Elle magazine! Ouch! 1. Congratulations La Toya Jackson. This is officially one of the worst ensembles we have ever seen! A mustard lycra unitard? We had no idea you could still find those anywhere! Ooh and the belt, the hat and the floral, leopard blend shirt. Its all just hurting our eyes!
Our eyes are really hurting this week from all the bad fashion! Some real surprises from usually well dressed celebs like Marion Cotillard and Demi Lovato, otherwise, what else can you expect when Paris Hilton and LaToya Jackson are let out of the house? Of course its going to be mostly a mess!


Who was worst?

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Jackson Family Angry: "Conrad Murray a monster"

Tuesday 1:08 PM, 09/02/2010
Dr. Murray may not prescribe any medication or prescriptions for sedatives while on trial.
The doctor who gave Michael Jackson drugs to help him sleep just before his shocking death last year, Dr Conrad Murray, was charged today in court with manslaughter and pleaded not guilty to all his charges. Members of the Jackson family, Michael's father, Joe Jackson, him mother Katherine Jackson and sister La Toya Jackson, amongst others, were at the court with their lawyer, who explained to the press that the family is very upset and angry that Dr. Murray is only being charged with manslaughter and not murder. They blame him for Michaels death and Katherine was even heard saying he is a monster! Wherever the Jackson's go there is always drama! We will keep you updated with the court proceedings as the case develops. (Source: USWeekly
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La Toya Jackson is a bad liar!

Saturday 12:46 AM, 19/12/2009
La Toya Jackson is a bad liar!
Caught in the act! For the kids?!
We would have thought La Toya Jackson was smarter than this! The singer was spotted late last night at famous lingerie store Fredericks of Hollywood, browsing through the sexy christmas outfits, but when she was asked who she was buying gifts for, La Toya looked embarrassed and eventually said: "For the children!". Umm, aren't the kids a bit young for lingerie La Toya? Better luck at making up excuses next time! We think she was just ashamed at being caught looking at the sexy clothing!
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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 9:45 AM, 12/10/2009
8. We suspect that Phoenix Richmond wears clothes designed by her dad, the British designer John Richmond. Not a good thing though! 7. Kiss basist Gene Simmons doesn't look like the cool rock star he actually is. So sad.... 6. C-celeb Bai Ling continous on the same path as we are used to... 5. Help! Singer Beth Ditto looks terrifying in her red hair redo to hit someone with her black bag. 4. Try not to choke La Toya Jackson! What would happen to her dress/body if you would unzip just a little bit? 3. John Lennons son Sean Lennon brought his girlfriend and model Charlotte Kemp Muhl to the fashion week in Paris. Big mistake! She looks like a ghost! 2. Ha, ha, ha! Gossip king Perez Hilton is as nuts as always... But pretty funny. 1. THIS WEEKS WORST DRESSED former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell! Geri must be in some sort of midlife crisis and thinks/hopes she's 20 again.
Just as we thought that it couldn't possible get any worse... But we are proud to announce another top list with fashion disasters from the past week, more horrible than ever! What is happening? Celebs like Beth Ditto, Perez Hilton and Bai Ling are back again. Our no 1 is a former Spice Girl! Can you guess who?


Who do you think was This Weeks Worst Dressed?

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