Kristin Davis

23 February 1965, Boulder, Colorado, USA
50 years

Actor Kristin Davis started drinking alcohol at an early age and has suffered from alcohol addiction. Likes to date actor colleagues. Spokesperson for Maybelline cosmetics. Likes yoga, baking and outdoors activities. Has wanted to be an actress since she was ten years old.
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Sex and the City 3 in the Works?

Monday 3:08 PM, 06/10/2014
It's been four years since we last saw friends Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda in Sex and the City 2. The movie got lousy reviews an...READ MORE ▶
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Kristin Davis: "Only The Fans Can Make Sex And The City 3 Happen!"

Friday 3:39 PM, 28/02/2014
Sarah Jessica Parker has already said she's up for doing a final Sex and the City movie, and now her colleague Kristin Davis has spoken out ...READ MORE ▶
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Sarah Jessica Parker Wants To Do 'Sex And The City 3'!

Wednesday 3:02 PM, 08/01/2014
Sarah Jessica Parker is not done with Sex and the City just yet. The 48-year-old actress says she's ready to put her Manolo Blahniks on one ...READ MORE ▶
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Kristin Davis Reveals There Might Be A Third "Sex and the City" Movie!

Saturday 1:31 PM, 07/12/2013
We bet many “Sex and the City” fans around the world are hopefully waiting for a reunion of the four iconic New York ladies, and we have som...READ MORE ▶
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Sex and the City Takes On the Red Carpet!

Friday 9:07 PM, 17/02/2012
The girls all looked amazing when the girls guested the show 'The View'. Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon shine together at the Golden Globes. The girls lacked style and the company of Kim Cattrall at 2005's SAG Awards. What a great match of colors! Cynthia, Sarah Jessica and Kristin. Wow, Cynthia and SJP look amazing! The girls on Oprah! Once again an amazing, if SJP just could get rid of the headpiece. Colors, prints and smiles. So nice!
The fashion in the TV series "Sex and the city" was one of the main reasons we loved the show, and now that it's ended we really miss Patricia Fields' (the stylist of the series) outfits. But we can still get a good dose of fashion from the SATC women, just click on the pictures to see some of their joined red carpet looks!
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Fave Fashion Moments from Sex and the City!

Thursday 9:13 PM, 12/01/2012
SJP rocks a cool patterned dress. Cynthia Nixon, our Miranda, looks amazing in this color! SJP's newspaper dress was so amazing it was used both in the series and the second movie. Who can forget the white flower dress? The first scene with Carrie in the first movie! An amazing green combo. And look at the little Eiffel tower, haha! Sarah Jessica Parker -  Carrie carrying Vogue! A wedding dress designed by Vivienne Westwood... What a dream! Kim Cattrall, in the scene where Samantha gets her fur coat ruined, remember? Sarah Jessica Parker.
We are huge fans of Sex and the City! We loved the series, the first movie, the second movie, the love, but mostly - the fashion! We've put together our favorite looks from the two Sex and the City movies, click on the pics to see the most amazing fashion ever!
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