Kristin Cavallari looking sad and odd on her birthday!

Wednesday 1:03 PM, 07/01/2009

How is everything Kristin?

How is everything Kristin?

Nice outfit...not.

Nice outfit...not.
Reality star Kristin Cavallari was spotted celebrating her 22nd birthday in a very odd outfit. Her birthday bash had an 80's theme and was held at Hyde Lounde in West Hollywood, California. She didn't seem very happy though... or maybe she had just got one too many cocktails, but that's accepted if it's one's birthday!
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Cool-Gal (non member) 1
06/05/2009 1:44 AM
Or maybe she was just stressed hoping the party
would go perfect! And stop dissing her outfit. It
was a themed party.

kristin(non member) 2
16/05/2009 9:47 PM
that ofint girl that is ougley

gosh(non member) 3
16/05/2009 9:53 PM
yup,cool-gal is right.
stop being so mean!

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