Romance Is Gone? KStew Left Alone On V-Day!

Kristen Stewart left alone on valetines day
After a rather rocky year of serious up and downs, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson realtionship has become more strained than ever. Rumors close to the couple reveal that the Twi-lovers were separeted at Valentines Day and Rob didn't send his girlfriend anything to mark the love filled day. KStew chose to stay with her family during the day for support and an insider says: "As far as I know, she didn't get any Valentine's Day gifts from Rob. She's been hanging out with her mom a lot lately. I think her mom is really comforting and supportive. And so is her brother."

It's of a big deal that the celebrated V-day apart, come on they both have a lot of work to do and there are many couples that can't make there ways togheter every year, but it troubles us to know that the didn't even send a gift, or even a sweet message to each other? Is the romance totally off? (perezhilton)
Kristen Stewart left alone on valetines day
Has the love died?
Kristen Stewart left alone on valetines day
Has the love died?
Kristen Stewart left alone on valetines day
Has the love died?
Kristen Stewart left alone on valetines day
Has the love died?
Kristen Stewart left alone on valetines day
Has the love died?
Published Feb 17 2013 2:10 PM
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