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Wednesday 8:01 AM, 06/06/2012

Rob defends the rumors against his girlfriend.

Rob defends the rumors against his girlfriend.

"She's not akward!"

"She's not akward!"

While Kristen Stewart adorns the cover of July’s issue of Vanity Fair, her boyfriend Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson is defending her from all the rumors that says that she is "awkward" and "difficult".
He says: The perception of her is that she’s ‘awkward”. But it’s funny knowing her. It’s the absolute opposite of what people think. She’s insanely confident.”

Another thing, however, he admits that he's suprised by KStew's new passion for fashion. “I never saw that coming,” he jokes.

We love the Rob defends her! The have such an amazing chemistry between each other, both on and off screen. Even the Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke explains that they had an insane chemistry from the very first time the two met: "I felt I was in the presence of something strong and powerful".

We want their love to last forever! (celebuzz)
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.....(non member) 1
06/06/2012 8:28 PM
if freaks don't stand for each other who would

eerie.(non member) 2
06/06/2012 10:29 PM
@first comment: bhahahahahahaha.
Also, I just
looked into the dictionary and there's a picture
of K. Stewart next to the definition of awkward.

um(non member) 3
06/06/2012 11:29 PM
don't judge a person until you meet them! i bet
she's not awkward at all!! and thats so mean
putting her next to the definition of awkward!

cj(non member) 4
20/06/2012 5:54 PM
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