Kristen Stewart Is Proud of herself!

Thursday 5:14 PM, 11/03/2010
Kristen Stewart Is Proud of herself!

Chatting to Jay

Chatting to Jay

She is so goofy cool!

She is so goofy cool!
Twilight star Kristen Stewart has a new movie out called The Runaways and she went on the Jay Leno show to talk about it last night. Kristen also spoke about presenting at the Oscars and how scared she is to speak in public, but she is proud that she didn't fall over and faint or anything! Haha we are so happy for her that she didn't do that either - embarrassing! Here is Kristen chatting to Jay and a sneak peak of her movie!
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bla(non member) 1
11/03/2010 5:42 PM
she is sooooo pretty when she smiles
go team

bleaaaahhhh(non member) 2
12/03/2010 1:46 PM
Well, Atleast she learnt to smile, And she looks a
loooottt better!

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