Kristen Stewart: "I Was Bullied For Not Shaving My Legs!"

The Snow White and the Huntsman actress Kristen Stewart has opened up about how she was bullied as a teenager for not being like everyone else: "Look at a picture of me before I was 15. I am a boy. I wore my brother's clothes, dude!", she recently stated. "Not like I cared that much, but I remember being made fun of because I wasn't wearing Juicy Jeans. I didn't even think about it. I wore my gym clothes.

Kristen tried not to care about the bullies, but she does remember what the other girls told her in school, and how she felt about it: "But it's not like I didn't care that they made fun of me. It really bothered me. I remember this girl in sixth grade looked at me in gym and was like, 'Oh my God! That's disgusting -- you don't shave your legs!". Poor Kristen, but we bet those bullies are long gone now! (usweekly)
Kristen Stewart floral balenciaga pants white tee black blazer
Kristen was bullied.
Kristen Stewart floral balenciaga pants white tee black blazer
Kristen was bullied.
Kristen Stewart floral balenciaga pants white tee black blazer
We hope she's happy today!
Actors Kristen Stewart and Tom Sturridge red gala dress black tuxedo
We hope she's happy today!
Kristen Stewart and Sam Claflin red jacket black tee
We hope she's happy today!
Kristen Stewart beige silkesklänning lång v ringad svart skärp brunt hår
We hope she's happy today!
Published Jun 5 2012 3:57 PM
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