Kristen Stewart: Anti-Posh!

Monday 10:14 AM, 02/11/2009
Kristen Stewart: Anti-Posh!

Kristen has her own unique style - and its not posh!

Those Ray-Bans are pretty trendy though!

Those Ray-Bans are pretty trendy though!

After all the photos of Victoria Beckham in designer outfits and heels when she flies it might be nice to see that not all celebrities travel like that! Twilight star Kristen Stewart landed at LAX yesterday wearing a grey tee, black pants, an ugly yellow jacket and sailor shoes (!?)! She's no fashionista but we like her anyway!
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NYLadybeetle(non member) 1
02/11/2009 3:28 PM
I dont understand what she did with her hair. she
used to be soo pretty...

Z(non member) 2
02/11/2009 4:40 PM
Love her!

k(non member) 3
02/11/2009 9:27 PM
i agree with NYLadybeetie, she should go back to
her old look, but i love her anyways!

G(non member) 4
02/11/2009 11:33 PM
She had to do her hair like this for her role in
her new film where she plays Joan Jett :)

Caroline(non member) 5
03/11/2009 3:15 PM
I don't really like her style. It's too tomboy.

MaroulakiGr(non member) 6
04/11/2009 9:11 PM
I would say that I never liked her so much .. I
found her just okay...but now I don't like her at
all.... she did something so wrong with hair....I
can't got it....:| sorry Kristen

gracie142 (Posh24 member) 7
08/11/2009 6:44 AM
I really loved her old hair. it was so pretty.
This ione though looks like she did it in the
dark, by herself./ sorry Kristen. :)

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