Kristen Stewart

9 April 1990, Los Angeles, USA
24 years

Michael Angarano, Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart got her big break as Edward Cullens favorite girl,Bella, in Twilight movie. Even as a twelveyearold she played against Jodie Foster in Panic Room, a role which she received instead of Hayden Panettiere. Kristen Stewart has three dogs; Oz, Jack and Lily. Her mother comes from Australia and the favorite book is John Steinbeck's East of Eden.

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Hot or Not: KStew Wears Vans on the Red Carpet!

Saturday 9:10 AM, 05/11/2011
But it looks like KStew had fun! :)
We know that Kristen Stewart has a VERY relaxed style. She loves her tshirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. So we guess it's fitting that she decided to wear a pair of checkered Vans to her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. But still, maybe she should of worn heels? We get that it's Kristen's style, but she just puts no effort whatsoever in her look. She doesn't care! And when you're as famous as Kristen, it's really smart to at least pretend that you care, because this nonchalant attitude is getting old!


Kristen Stewart's Vans: Hot or Not?

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Deets on the Breaking Dawn Sex Scene!

Friday 8:44 AM, 04/11/2011
Sweet moment between KStew and Taylor Lautner! Get it girl!
Teenage Twilight fans almost didn't get to see Breaking Dawn! Why? Because it was almost Rated R! Apparently there are a lot of guidelines you have...READ MORE ▶
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Latest news

The Twilight Trio Will Live Forever!

Wednesday 5:10 PM, 19/10/2011
Robert Pattinson! The Twilight trio! Kristen Stewart. Taylor Lautner.
We are so excited that Twilight: Breaking Dawn will hit theaters in less than a month! And it seems like the rest of Hollywood is also extremely ex...READ MORE ▶
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Fashion Battle: Nina vs. Kristen!

Saturday 3:01 PM, 15/10/2011
Kristen! Nina!
Actresses, Nina Dobrev and Kristen Stewart have a lot in common! They're both famous for being the girlfriend's of vampires, they have super sexy co-stars, they're both dating their co-stars, and they are some of the biggest It Girls in Hollywood! They have it all: the career, the guy, and closets we covet!

Both girls are fans of wearing blue jeans, but while Kristen sticks to classic t-shirts, Nina likes to change things up a bit. They prefer dark, subtle color palettes and they're usually super spot on when it comes to red carpet fashion. We love them both, but who has the better style? Nina or Kristen?


Who Has The Best Style?

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Quick tips: How to Prevent Static-y Hair!

Tuesday 9:18 PM, 27/09/2011
Kate Moss just can't get rid of those flyaways! Tyra Banks is always rocking a different hairstyle, but this static hair look is not a great one! Kristen Stewart! Mary-Kate Olsen wants a messy look but she could use a hair brush! Daisy Lowe, could use our anti-static tips!
It's getting colder outside and even though we love Fall, we hate what it does to our hair! It gets dry and very static-y. To prevent static, we have some easy tips for you to follow!

1. Deep-condition your hair as often as you can to prevent the dry and damaged hair! Properly moisturized hair is less likely to be affected by static.

2. A quick and easy tip is to spray hairspray on your brush and run it through your hair!

3. Try putting just a little lotion on the tips of your hair, it will weigh down your hair and decreases the static.

4. A fabric softener sheet is super handy if your hair gets crazy static! Just keep it in your purse and run it over you head when needed! It works!

5. Use conditioner when you wash your hair and at the end of every shower run cold water over you hair for a few minutes, which also make your hair incredibly shiny!

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Top List: Our Favorite Successful Celebs!

Thursday 4:36 PM, 15/09/2011
9. Taylor Momsen has been acting since she was a kid but now she has a really successful music career with her band, The Pretty Reckless. 8. We just love Heroes star, Hayden Panettiere! 7. Over the past few years Blake Lively has become an It Girl, much like her Gossip Girl character, Serena Van Der Woodsen. 6. Emma Watson is most known for playing Hermione in the Harry Potter movies but now she's starring in more movies and modeling for brands like Lancome. 5. We love Vanessa Hudgens! She's so hardcore and willing to do anything for her career, including chopping off all of her hair! 4. Kristen Stewart has become a household name ever since the Twilight series. 3. Country singer, Taylor Swift, has won more music awards than just about anyone! She's so awesome! 02. We love Selena Gomez! 1. Miley Cyrus is so incredibly talented! From singing to acting, girls everywhere love her!
Some of our favorite celebs are not only gorgeous and talented, but they're incredibly successful too! Stars like Selena Gomez and Blake Lively are blazing trails in Hollywood and they're becoming a household name all across the world! We love their passion and how they work really hard in their careers, it's so inspiring!

We recently saw the trailer for the movie, "The Mighty Macs" and it totally motivated us to go for our dreams! Whether it's sports or singing or starring in a play, we want to be as successful as Miley Cyrus! Click on the pics to check out our favorite successful celebs and watch the trailer for "The Mighty Macs."
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