Kristen Stewart

9 April 1990, Los Angeles, USA
24 years

Michael Angarano, Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart got her big break as Edward Cullens favorite girl,Bella, in Twilight movie. Even as a twelveyearold she played against Jodie Foster in Panic Room, a role which she received instead of Hayden Panettiere. Kristen Stewart has three dogs; Oz, Jack and Lily. Her mother comes from Australia and the favorite book is John Steinbeck's East of Eden.

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Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Reunited After Two Months Apart!

Thursday 8:05 AM, 21/03/2013
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been apart for two months now, since he's been in Australia filming his new movie "The Rover", an...READ MORE ▶
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Celebrity Look Alikes! Here Are Their Unknown Twins!

Monday 8:21 PM, 11/03/2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (right) looks a lot like the late Heath Ledger. They have the exact same eyes! Kristen Stewart could easily be taken for being Alicia Silverstone's daughter. Hottie x 2! Ian Somerhalder (left) and Chace Crawford are both eye candy - and each other's secret twin brothers. We'd really wanna see Dakota Fanning and Amanda Seyfried doing a movie together where they play sisters. We'd buy it! Keeping Up With The Kardashian series involves two look alikes: Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend (left) and Jonathan Cheban (right), Kim Kardashian's friend.
Did you know that several of our biggest Hollywood stars have secret twin sisters and brothers? Well, at least they kinda have, since they all look very much alike each other! We've taken a closer look at 6 celebrities, that definitely should be related to other celebs. Click on the pics and check them out - and no, you're not seeing double!
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Kristen Stewart Is Desperate To Get Robert Pattinson Home From Australia!

Wednesday 9:56 PM, 06/03/2013
Is the end near for everyone's favorite Twilight couple?! Robert Pattinson moved to Australia a couple of months ago to work with his new mo...READ MORE ▶
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Here's Why Kristen Stewart Were On Crutches At The Oscars!

Monday 11:52 AM, 25/02/2013
She ditched the crutches as soon as she was on the red carpet... Such a pro!
We were all really surprised when Kristen Stewart showed up at the Oscars red carpet with crutches (check out the pics [url=http://www.huff...READ MORE ▶
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WTF?! Kristen Stewart Named Unsexiest Actress In The World!

Saturday 8:10 AM, 23/02/2013
How is it possible?!
She's highly paid, beautiful and extremely talented... But British men seem to have at the very least questionable reasoning about women, at least ...READ MORE ▶
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