Kirsten Dunst

30 April 1982, New Jersey, USA
32 years

Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Borrell, Tommy Lee, Tommy Lee, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Hoffman
Kirsten Dunst started her career starring in tv-commercials. Is half-swedish, half-german. Used to date Jake Gyllenhaal. Spent time at rehab in 2008 to help cure her addiction to alcohol and drugs.

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Sunday 7:46 PM, 06/11/2011
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This Week's Best Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 7:16 PM, 04/10/2011
Miranda Kerr mixes soft chiffon with cool leather, it looks amazing! We love Sarah Jessica Parker's style, it's so feminine and classic! We love the lumberjack shirt on you, Rihanna! We love Crystal Renn's golden Zac Posen gown! We love this outfit, Charlize Theron! Especially the shoes! Kirsten Dunst's 40's inspired dress from Honor is so cute! We love how Whitney Port spices up a casual outfit with hot red! Emma Stone looks great! Keri Hilson was rocking this outfit in Paris, it's crazy, but we love it!
We spotted our favorite celebs wearing the most amazing outfits this week! Many fashionistas were spotted at Fashion Week in Paris looking fab, like Miranda Kerr who wore the most amazing pair of brown leather pants! Click on the pics to see this week's best dressed celebs!
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Looks Like Kirsten Dunst Partied Too Hard Last Night!

Thursday 6:19 PM, 29/09/2011
Uh oh! Kirsten Dunst looks a bit worse for the wear. Did she party a bit too hard? Looks like it!

PS. We love her dress!
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Hair How To: Eight Beautiful Braids You Can Easily Copy!

Tuesday 5:11 PM, 06/09/2011
2. Rihanna shows us how the french braid can easily be used in a fancy way!  3. Jessica Alba looks so cute! 4. "House" star Jennifer Morrison shows off her braid from behind! 5. Kate Hudson goes for a more simple look with the bang-braid! 6. Rachel McAdams' dramatic look goes well with the red lips! We LOVE! 7. Pixie Lott is a big fan of the braid and we've seen it in all shapes and colors on her! 8. Whitney Port!
Say you wake up and realize you'r sooo late, and your hair is greasy and crazy looking! Don't panic! Fall hottest hair trend, the french braid, will save you! We love french braids, all of our fave celebs are rocking them like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Whitney Port! The coolest thing about french braids is that it can be done in so many different ways! Add bangs, try a side braid, or braid your whole head! All it takes is practice and some hairpins!

How To Get a Perfect French Braid:
1. Start with three small sections at the crown of your head.
2. Begin to braid your hair, adding more to each section every time.
3. Braid until you've reached your desired length
4. Use a lot hair spray to ensure your braid will stay put and secure any flyaways with bobby pins.

For inspiration, click on the pics to see the best braided beauties in Hollywood!
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How To Wear Summer's Hottest Color!

Thursday 12:04 PM, 21/07/2011
Yellow is the color of joy and look how happy Jennifer Love Hewitt seems! Look how the yellow highlights Amanda Bynes's sun kissed skin! Angelina Jolie is breathtaking in this yellow dress! Lily Cole looks like a cute doll in this dress! We love this darker yellow on Lauren Conrad! Stunning! Paris Hilton is brighter than the sun! Be brave like Shakira and try yellow this summer! Kirsten Dunst rocks mustard yellow. We like it! Don't be afraid of matching yellow with other bright colores. For example orange, like Leighton Meester!
The entire summer we have nagged about how important it is to dare to wear some color. Well, if there's one color that screams summer it's defintely yellow! A yellow accessory is super hot but what's even hotter this summer is a yellow dress! Yellow expresses optimism, joy, and high intelligence! So why wouldn't you want to wear yellow all the time?

You might think yellow is a hard color to pull off but actually it's not that much harder than any other color. It goes with any hair color and with some sun kissed skin, like Amanda Bynes, you'll shine like the sun. And if you haven't been doing any tanning previously, no needs to worry! Just look how beautiful pale Kirsten Dunst is in yellow!

So come on guys, get out there on rock yellow this summer!
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Would You Wear This? Sheer Skirts!

Sunday 5:19 PM, 19/06/2011
Vanessa Hudgens looks great! Kirsten Dunst! Ginnifer Goodwin in a black lace sheer skirt, it's pretty sexy! We're not crazy about this dress on Diane Vickers. Daisy Lowe brings a twist to a khaki skirt.
This is a trend we're just not sure about! Sheer skirts are becoming more and more popular, we've seen tons of stores selling them and tons of celebs wearing them, but to be honest we don't know if we like them!

A sheer skirt shows a bit of leg, but in a subtle way, which we think is super sexy. What we don't like is the contrast between the opaque part and the sheer part, it looks a bit crazy! Would you guys wear this trend?


Would You Wear This Trend?

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