Kirsten Dunst

30 April 1982, New Jersey, USA
32 years

Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Borrell, Tommy Lee, Tommy Lee, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Hoffman
Kirsten Dunst started her career starring in tv-commercials. Is half-swedish, half-german. Used to date Jake Gyllenhaal. Spent time at rehab in 2008 to help cure her addiction to alcohol and drugs.

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Hair Inspiration: Kirsten Dunst!

Saturday 10:00 AM, 07/01/2012
In a tight backslick hairdo. Kirsten is beautiful in her shoulder-length and swooped waves! The best thing about Kirsten's hair is that she can vary it with diffrent hairdo's, like this one for example! Another example of many of her hairdo's! Classy and glamorous! Romantic! Kirsten in an elegant and shiny hairstyle. She looks so pretty in this simple hairstyle! Kristen has beautiful, natural waves!
Kirsten has enviable beautiful hair. We totally love her classic shoulder-length and blond waves! The best is that it can be varied in many diffrent ways. Blick on the pictures to get inspired by Kirsten's fantastic hairstyles!
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She's A Modern Marilyn Monroe!

Monday 9:13 PM, 02/01/2012
Lindsay Lohan loves Marilyn Monroe and has said that "Marilyn represents timeless, confident glam." Angelina Jolie was styled like Marilyn Monroe when she played the role as Lanie Kerrigan in the movie 'Life or Something Like It'. The late Anna Nicole Smith loved the Marilyn look. Kirsten Dunst didn't quite pull off the look. The darling Jennifer Morrison. Rachel McAdams looks wonderful Christina Aguilera is a huge fan of Marilyn, but that's way too much blush! Gwen Stefani has managed to make the look her own, but we all know where she got the look in the first place! Kelly Osbourne went for a darker version of the Marilyn make up.
Marilyn Monroe is a true legend. And although many celebs have tried to impersonate her style, no one will ever be like her! Her trademark blonde curls and red lips is a look that never goes out of style, it's so timeless and sexy. Click on the pictures to see which celebs have tried their best to impersonate Marilyn Monroe.
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Stay Warm: Cardigan Crazy!

Monday 9:11 PM, 05/12/2011
Pharrell Williams manages to make the cardigan look cool! Justin Timberlake. Emma Roberts. Adrian Grenier through on a lightweight cardigan. Amanda Peet pairs a white cardigan with her white dress. Daniel Craig looks sexy in a cardi! Kirsten Dunst!
One of the best ways to stay warm this winter is by layering. But what about those times when it's cold outside, but warm inside? We always keep a cardigan close by for extra chilly days indoor or out! It's the perfect piece of clothing to layer and looks great on everybody! While we prefer the slightly nerdy cardigan look with glasses and pressed shirt, we also like the long cardi for running errands and just hanging out! Click on the pics to see celebs who are cardi crazy! And watch the funny vid below about cardigans from the hilarious show, "The New Girl." :)
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Kirsten Dunst Is Ready To Meet "The One"

Sunday 8:46 PM, 04/12/2011
If someone as gorgeous as Kirsten is having trouble finding a good man, where does that leave the rest of the female society? Kirsten's ex Jason Boesel prefered her hair short!
After 18 years of living the glitz and glamorous life of an A-list actress, Kirsten Dunst is ready to take a step back, settle down and have kids. ...READ MORE ▶
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This Week's Top 10 Celebrity Street Style Looks!

Thursday 7:10 PM, 17/11/2011
09. Kudos to Ashley Tisdale for wearing daring leggings, but what's on her feet? Fugly! 08. This is the most put-together we've ever seen Snooki! Yes she's wearing neon yellow heels, but at least they're not fur boots! 07. Love Selma Blair's pop of color! 06. Mandy Moore has the perfect casual vibe going! 05. Rock chic, Ashlee Simpson! 04. The dark green and black plaid is so great on Jessica Alba! 03. Nicole Richie plays with pattern and texture. 02. Pippa Middleton's coat is perfection! 01. Kirsten Dunst looks lovely in mustard yellow! Not only is it the season's hottest color but everyone looks great in it!
Seeing what celebs wear off-duty always inspires us. We love getting a glimpse into A-Lister's lives! And this week the hottest celebs were mad for plaid! Click on the pics to see what celebs like Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Alba wore!
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Kristen Dunst Off Duty Street Style is Perfection!

Tuesday 9:11 PM, 15/11/2011
Kirsten Dunst looks fantastic in this mustard yellow top paired with black wide leg jeans and black leather purse! We've always loved Kirsten's style and this casual every day look is no exception!
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