Kirsten Dunst

30 April 1982, New Jersey, USA
32 years

Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Borrell, Tommy Lee, Tommy Lee, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Hoffman
Kirsten Dunst started her career starring in tv-commercials. Is half-swedish, half-german. Used to date Jake Gyllenhaal. Spent time at rehab in 2008 to help cure her addiction to alcohol and drugs.

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Child star Pics - Remember What They Looked like?!

Thursday 6:27 PM, 18/11/2010
Drew back in the years! Kirsten Dunst has been a child too (weel obviously), but she was a child on TV... ...eating cereals with a wayyy to big spoon. Cute. Ok... lets be frank, we do recognixe those boobies on Scarlett Johansson, but the haircolor and the overall moody teenager face! Her friend looks just as cool as her, in this pic from the movie Ghost World. Scarlett today as we know and love her! Now she looks like this, blondes have more fun you think, Anna? Oh! Here Anna Paquin really do look like a vampire. Maybe this pic is why she got casted to play the role of a vamire's girlfrind? Lindsay today, not as innocent. Shes been in a lot of drug scandals and has even ended up in prison. We hope she'll get better though! Lindsay as a sweet twin in the loved movie "The parent trap". OMG! What is that?! Camilla Belle is such a beauty we could never ever have imagined she, even as a teenager, could have worn an outfit as horrible as this. Camilla Belle in a very fashion right look a couple of weeks ago!
That is a good question. Have they always been as beautiful as when they walk down the red carpet? Did Scarlett Johannsson have her amazing figure a few years ago, and what did Anna Paquin look like? Here we give you a few examples of how stars looked as children, or as teenagers! Enjoy and do't be too harsh on their ofter weird style... they are only human!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 5:19 PM, 15/11/2010
8. Just because Daisy Lowe put a jacket over it, doesn't make this rouged leather dress okay! We didn't like it on Marion Cotillard a few weeks ago and its not much better on Daisy. 7.  Bonnie Wright  wore this black sack to the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie this week. We understand its tough to compete with fashion darling Emma Watson on the red carpet, but seriously, she could at least try! 6. Ok so this dress isn't actually so bad, we just think its totally wrong for Priscilla Presley. Is she trying to do high fashion with the sleeve detail? She just looks like mutton dressed as lamb - in the 80's! This printed dress is actually kind of funky. The way Jaime Winstone wears it though, she is looking a bit like like a dirty goth at a Mexican Day of the Dead party. Agreed? Oh no, way to ruin that beautiful hour glass figure Kim Kardashian! Those gold patterns make her look so much wider and bigger than she actually is! British singer Diana Vickers is trying too hard here again. We are just not in love with this purple printed jumpsuit at all! How old is Kirsten Dunst again? Barely 30, but in this vintage Chanel she looks like an old granny! The idea behind wearing vintage is to look cool and edgy not old fashioned! Oh no another styling disaster from Amber Rose. Too tight and tasteless for our liking. This girl looks like she has raided Grace Jones' old stage costumes and is running wild with them on the streets. Not a good look!
We are truly shocked at this week's list! Too much boring and tasteless clothing for just one week! We expect from Paris Hilton and Diana Vickers lately, but what are Daisy Lowe and Kim Kardashian doing? They should know better!


Who was worst?

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The real Gossip Girl drama happens off camera!

Monday 11:57 AM, 18/10/2010
The real Gossip Girl drama happens behind the scenes, at least if you're to believe Penn Badgley! Penn recently told the interviewers at the New York Post that the job on set "is what it is and has become a routine".

He also revealed that another reason why the the working atmosphere isn't particularly enjoyable is because he and girlfriend Blake Lively aren't friends with any of the other cast members and that they don't exactly go on double dates with the other on set couple, Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr. Now that Penn and Blake both have expressed their desires to leave the show we're starting to think that this might be Gossip Girl's last season! We're sure fans all over the world are going a little bit hysterical right now, we know we are...
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Dare to Wear Berry Lips!

Thursday 6:22 PM, 16/09/2010
Beyonce always keeps it classy and understated, she uses a reddish berry that doesn't look too edgy Be careful not to make your whole face too dramatic, let the lips stand out like Glee star Lea Michele who wore her berry shade with just some mascara and subtle bronzer Rihanna's high gloss berry look is a perfect match with her white top and jewelry. Its all about contrast! Agyness Deyn has a quirky and unique style and so this OTT dark purple colour is a fantastic compliment to her kookiness. Be brave go dark and disco luxe like Scarlett! The queen of the dark red lip, Gwen Stefani shows you can have different shades that suit you and make you more comfortable with the same effect. Salma Hayek has even pulled back her hair to give her berry lips the spotlight. Bronzer is so important to make this look work if  you have darker or olive skin... We just love the shape Lady Gaga created by using a dark berry lip pencil first and then filling it in with a slightly more red and shiny lipstick. Blend and experiment! Kirsten Dunst does vamp so well, her face carries this look to perfection. Take note girls, less can be more.
Nothing ups the drama on a look like a slick of dark, glossy lipstick and this season's hottest lip trend is extra over the top dramatic! The runways for major brands like Dolce & Gabbana showed off strong berry lip colors in all shades, even going up to an almost a disco purple color, as seen on Scarlett Johansson in the ad campaigns too.

Its not just a high fashion thing though, berry lipstick is catching on for the red carpet and we think its a great match for this season's nude and monotone makeup and clothing trends. Ready to add more drama to your look? Take some inspiration from stars like Megan Fox, Agyness Deyn and of course Lady Gaga who have all dared to wear berry!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:18 PM, 31/05/2010
8. We get it, Heidi Klum is gorgeous for her age and looks amazing after having four children, but that is no reason for this new slicked back hairs she has been wearing over and over on the red carpet lately! We think she is way prettier with some hair framing her face! Oh and the yellow of that dress clashes with her skintone! 7. Paula Abdul wore this tiny little bright pink dress at the American Idol final this past week and we just didn't get the thinking behind the look. If she was going for "Mini-Mouse" then I guess she got it right, almost exactly! All she is missing is the black Disney mouse ears! 6. Kirsten Dunst looks tired and washed out in this look! Although we love vintage, we don't think every outdated dress qualifies as vintage-fabulous! What is going on with her hair too by the way? Its over-bleached and growing out and the shoes she chose look like a granny's - all in all a total fail, except for the colour, blue is lovely on her. 5. Ok so we know the pregnancy thing is new for Alicia Keys, but really,  trying to cover up the bump with a million ruffles and frills just ends up making you look like a bad wedding cake instead of a lovely mummy to be! 4. Catherine Zeta Jones used to be such a stylista, but lately she has totally lost her way! She has lost some weight and now she just has no idea how to dress for her new shape! This bandage dress shows off all the wrong parts of her body! She looks totally out of proportion! 3. Brit model Alice Dellal is looking less edgy and cool these days and more like a girl who is a lost on the streets of London after way too much partying! Maybe some people think its hot, but we think she needs a good night's sleep and then maybe she will make better fashion choices too! 2. Katy Perry is probably our biggest disappointment of the week! We couldn't wait to see what she would wear to Fiance Russell Brand's new movie premiere this week, and then she wore this! We usually love Katy's fun red carpet style, but in this she looks like she is wearinig a cheap Cleopatra Halloween costume! 1. Another shiny mess! Liza Minelli wore this half see-through wet-look asymmetric outfit to the Sex and the City 2 movie premiere in New York this week. We think its totally age inappropriate for  her, especially the gel-bra shining through her top for everyone to see! NO!
Ooh it was a disappointing week for red carpet fashion especially! We were totally underwhelmed at the Sex and the City 2 movie premieres and some stars just seem to have totally lost all sense of style lately, yes we are talking to you Jessica Simpson and Catherine Zeta Jones! See who else needs to fire their stylist below!


Who was worst?

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Celebs Can't Resist Louis V!

Wednesday 8:56 PM, 26/05/2010
Claire Forlani Kirsten Dunst Daisy Lowe Pixie Geldof Catherine Deneuve Elle Macpherson Jerry Hall Sophie Dahl Alexa Chung Angelica Huston Paloma Faith Thandie Newton Alice Delal Natalia Vodianova
Louis Vutton in London unveiled its new Bond Street Maison last night and there were some serious fashionistas and A-list celebrities there! All dressed up in the latest collections from Louis Vuitton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Macpherson, Pixie Geldof, everyone was there! We can't decide who looked more glam!
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