Kim Kardashian is one hot mama!

Saturday 10:31 PM, 07/02/2009
Kim Kardashian is one hot mama!

Not that Kim Kardashian doesn't usually look great well but doesn't she look especially fresh-faced and gorgeous in these pictures?! Wearing a very cute black and white dress with a ruffled skirt, jacket and very interesting pink heels (how does her foot stay in the shoes?!) Kim was spotted arriving to My House nightclub in Hollywood to attend the launch party of the new Belvedere IX vodka.
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:-)KOOL(non member) 1
08/02/2009 4:17 AM
i love kim kardashian,i watched the tv show alll
the time!!!!!she;s my 4th fav.

that shoes!!!!(non member) 2
08/02/2009 5:11 PM
she is cool ! but that shoes were jus not the
right thing to do omg really!!!

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