Is Kim Kardashian Lying About Her Size?

Thursday 3:57 PM, 29/12/2011
Is Kim's cover real or fake?

Is Kim's cover real or fake?

Kim's cover for Us Weekly, via Celebitchy

Kim's cover for Us Weekly, via Celebitchy
You all know that we've never been huge fans of Kim Kardashian, but one thing we've always liked about her is her curvacious body, and the fact that she refuses the size zero trend! But now it seems things have changed, at least if you're gonna believe the Us Weekly cover shot of Kim. Kim looks really thin on the cover and inside you can read all about her diet and exercise. “I wake up and eat eggs with turkey bacon, then salad for lunch and fish, pasta or chicken for dinner," Kim says in the interview.

The gossip site Celebitchy chose not to believe this article. According to them, the photo of Kim has been extremely Photoshopped and also dated. The fact that Kim claims she's a size 2, when she in August told Cosmopolitan that she's a size 4 also seems a bit strange. What do you think? Is the cover and the story real? However, we're so disappointed at Kim! Faking a diet or caving for the size zero standards, we can't decide what's worse. (celebitchy)
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o_o(non member) 1
29/12/2011 5:31 PM
oh...but anyway why would you like to know about
her size??? If she dont want to tell dont push her
but also kim is not doing right to lie

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