Kim Kardashian

21 October 1980, Los Angeles, USA
34 years

Damon Thomas, Reggie Bush, Nick Lachey, Benji Madden, Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian is the daughter of O.J. Simpsons defense attorney Robert Kardashian. She has nine siblings including her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. Her stepbrother is Brody Jenner. Kim is most famous for her friendship with Paris Hilton and the reality tv-show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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Bruce Jenner And Kim Kardashian Are No Longer Speaking- Because Of Kanye!

Monday 3:48 PM, 03/09/2012
Is Bruce right about Kanye? Kim and Kanye has been a couple for a while now...
Contrary to what's been said before, everyone in the Kardashian family is not a big Kanye West fan! Bruce Jenner, Kim's stepdad, now opens up about...READ MORE ▶
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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Still Going Strong!

Monday 12:07 PM, 03/09/2012
At first we thought Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would last for like a month, but the more we see of the couple the more we're starting to think they're soulmates. We mean, come on, what are the odds that you fall in love with your best friend? And if you do, we think it's time to hold on to him/her- because what could possibly be better than both love and friendship?

We spotted Kimye leaving Soho to go to a movie theater in Union Square in New York and the couple looked happier than ever. Match made in heaven?!
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Kim Kardashian Looses Weight To Fit into Kanye West’s Designs!

Saturday 2:02 PM, 01/09/2012
Kanye has been encouraging Kardashian to trim down a couple of sizes!
Many women would kill for her curves, but Kim Kardashian has been has been a frequent visitor at the gym lately, just because she was extremely em...READ MORE ▶
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This Week's Celeb Twitter & Instagram Pictures!

Saturday 12:10 PM, 01/09/2012
One Direction posted this picture of Harry Styles on Twitter wit the caption '#voteonedirection'. Rihanna is a frequent twitterer. We follow her slavishly! Lindsay Lohan and Ed Westwick have a fun night out together! Damn, girl! Britney Spears shows off her trimmed bikini body on her Twitter. Kim Kardashian, gorgeous as always.
Wiiee, twitpic & Instagram time people! It's time once again to get a customary overview of what the celebrities has been up to the past week via Twitter and Instagram. Just like every other week, the celebs have kept us thoroughly entertained and glued to their personal accounts. Click on the pictures to heck out our favourites! Enjoy!
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Are Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Getting Married?!

Thursday 3:02 PM, 30/08/2012
Is Kim Kardashian trying out her new wedding dress?! Yesterday the reality star tweeted a picture of herself trying on a Emilio Pucci wedding gown- but she's not even engaged yet? Or is there something we should know...? Kim, with her amazing curves, looked absolutely stunning in the open back dress.

BUT, what do you think- is Kim just hinting to Kanye that he should put a ring on it, or are they getting married?! Vote and let's see who's right and who's wrong!


Are They Getting Married Now?

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Who's The Hottest Kardashian Boyfriend?!

Tuesday 7:10 PM, 28/08/2012
Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Kanye West? Khloe Kardashian's husband Lamar Odom? Or Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Disick?
The Kardashian sisters have practically everything: the fame, the looks, the money- and the super hot boyfriends! Kanye West, Lamar Odom and Scott Disick are the happy men who've won the sisters' hearts, and they are all super hot too! But who is the hottest Kardashian boyfriend? We wanna know! Vote and tell us!


Who's The Hottest?!

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