Kim Kardashian

21 October 1980, Los Angeles, USA
34 years

Damon Thomas, Reggie Bush, Nick Lachey, Benji Madden, Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian is the daughter of O.J. Simpsons defense attorney Robert Kardashian. She has nine siblings including her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. Her stepbrother is Brody Jenner. Kim is most famous for her friendship with Paris Hilton and the reality tv-show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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Kris Humphries Claims That Kim's Mom Is The Brain Behind The Sex Tape!

Saturday 12:36 AM, 23/06/2012
Mother Kris Jenner - the genius behind Kim's sex tape? The drama continues...
Say whaaat?! No one can have missed the very infamous sex tape that sparked Kim Kardashian's career. But here's the shocking news: According to t...READ MORE ▶
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Kim Kardashians Strawberry Red Manicure!

Friday 9:51 AM, 22/06/2012
Yummy color of choice, Kim! Kim is wearing flip flips so she doesn't ruin her fresh pedicure!
Kim Kardashian took time out of her busy schedule to get her nails done! We're guessing she prepared herself for sister Khloés birthday party. Loving the red shade you chose Kim!
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Bum Basics: Which Celebs Have To Most Bodacious Booties?!

Tuesday 10:18 PM, 19/06/2012
There has always been a lot of talk about Salma Hayeks curves, but if you ever doubted these curves are real, thing again: because they are 100 % authentic. In the last year there have been some rumors about Christina Aguilera having butt implants. But we think might've just gained a few pounds to fill out those amazing curves of hers. Penelope Cruz should be very proud of her Spanish curves. Rumors say she has done some liposuction, but it has never been confirmed. Maybe people are just jealous! We know we are! Beyonce Knowles is also a victim to the plastic surgery rumors, nose job, lip job etc. But not regarding her fantastic body. Those curves REAL! Rihanna has always been known for her fantastic body, but lately she has been loosing weight. There´s been rumors suggesting she´s starved herself to fit in with the rest of size zero-hollywood. She says it´s because of stress and that she wants her old butt back. We hope that´s true! Eva Longoria has what we like to call "curves in miniature". She is only 5´2" and weighs only 105 pounds! Kim Kardashians bum is a constant subject in the celebrity world. There has been loads of rumors that suggests she has had butt implants. Kim got so angry about the rumors that she did an x-ray of her butt to prove to everyone that it was real! Jessica Alba supposedly has the perfect body. Scientist has made tests to find out what makes a woman attractive and apparently it has all to do with the length between your hip and waist. And Jessica has the perfect length. And she also has the cutest bum! Jennifer Lopez is the Queen of Bums. No doubt about it. It´s even said that she had it insured - for 27 million dollars!
Some women are famous for their curves, but in today's world of plastic surgery, we have to know: is it all real? Who has insured their buttocks? Which celeb did an x-ray to prove it is real? Who´s body is closest to perfection? Click on the pics to find out hidden hump gossip!
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Revealed! Kim Talks Sex Tape & Birth Control!

Tuesday 5:12 PM, 19/06/2012
Kim is now dating Kanye West.
In a recent interview with Oprah, Kim Kardashian has revealed that her mom, Kris Jenner, put her on birth control when she was almost 15! Kim says ...READ MORE ▶
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Fashion Battle!

Who Wore It Best? Battle Of The Brunettes!

Monday 11:01 PM, 18/06/2012
Zoe Saldana had white chiffon attached to her dress. Kim Kardashian matched the Balmain dress with black boots. Alessandra Ambrosio wore this dress back in November last year.
Sometimes the best things come in threes and that is no exception to Kim Kardashian, Zoe Saldana and model Alessandra Ambrosio who we saw rocking the same golden Balmain dress. They all looked awesome wearing it, with a great tan and their gorgeous brown hair. But they all matched it different, and that leads up to the main question: Who wore it best? Vote and decide who's the winner of today's fashion battle!


Who Wore This Balmain Dress Better?

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Oprah Winfrey Confronts The Kardashians In Exclusive Interview: "What Are You Actually Famous For?"

Sunday 9:20 AM, 17/06/2012
Oprah sits down with TV's most famous family in tonight's show! If there´s one person who could get away with asking just about ANYTHING in an interview, it has to be Oprah!
Today, 'Oprah's Next Chapter' will be airing O's interview with the whole Kardashian Klan. Well, let's just say that Oprah held NOTHING back! She a...READ MORE ▶
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