Kim Kardashian

21 October 1980, Los Angeles, USA
33 years

Damon Thomas, Reggie Bush, Nick Lachey, Benji Madden, Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian is the daughter of O.J. Simpsons defense attorney Robert Kardashian. She has nine siblings including her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. Her stepbrother is Brody Jenner. Kim is most famous for her friendship with Paris Hilton and the reality tv-show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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Kim Kardashian Likes To Work Out Alone!

Sunday 9:03 AM, 25/03/2012
We spotted Kim Kardashian when she left a Boot Camp class in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. She always goes training alone, maybe she gets more done when she's alone.
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Top 10 Twitpics Of The Week!

Saturday 6:42 PM, 24/03/2012
 Taylor Swift wrote: "Celebrating St Patrick's Day the best way I know how. Donuts" and posted this picture of herself last weekend. We love her! Victoria Beckham posted this picture and wrote: "Just finished cooking! Very proud to be British!! X vb". I looks awesome Posh Spice! Taylor Swift re-tweeted a picture on Twitter, taken by her friend Claire Winter with the caption “Oh's dress up night.” Rihanna posted this image of herself on Twitter eirlier this week. She's stunnung! Nicki Minaj posted this photo on Twitter with the caption "Harajuku to the fullest. #itbangbang'" . Rihanna is a frequent twitterer! Last weekend she posted pictures of herself on Twitter with her grandparents as she celebrates her grandmother Dolly's birthday with the caption "Kisses don't lie". Mel B posted this picture on Twitter with the caption 'this is how WE take family pictures,charming don't ya think?'. Very charming! Selena Gomez posted this image on Twitter from the film set of 'Spring Break' with the caption “Lol I'm so lame. Having way too much getting arrested”. Haha, so cute! Selena also posted this image of herself with 'Sprink Break' co-star Ashley Benson, with the caption “Spring break- busted”
Thanks to Twitter, we get a daily glimpse into the lives of some of our favorite celebrities. We can't get enough of it! Whether they're tweeting about food, family or photoshoot's they keep us thoroughly entertained, and glued, to Twitter. Click on the pictures to check out the top 10 twitpics of the week!
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Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed On The Red Carpet!

Friday 4:09 PM, 23/03/2012
Kim Kardashian had a whole bag of flour thrown on her! It was alot of flour...
Kim Kardashian was flour bombed last night when promoting her new perfume in Hollywood. A woman threw a whole bag of flour on Kim and tried to get ...READ MORE ▶
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Latest news

Kim K. Didn't Listen To Warnings About Kris Humphries!

Thursday 5:06 PM, 22/03/2012
Kim Kardashian should've listened to her family! Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are sooo over!
Kim Kardashian recently opened up about her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries when she was interviewed by Jay Leno. They were married just a few mo...READ MORE ▶
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What 10 Stars Orders At Starbucks!

Wednesday 7:05 PM, 21/03/2012
Rachel Zoe also orders a Iced Passion Tea. Fearne Cotton often grabs a plain coffee on her way to work. Vanessa Hudgens stopped by Starbucks in Los Angeles and had a Black Tazo Ice Tea. Jessica Alba picked up two iced coffees from Starbucks in Santa Monica, LA. Heavily pregnant Hilary Duff grabbed a coffee, wonder if it's decaf? The Saturdays star, Molly King, grabs a Iced Coffee from Starbucks in Los Angeles. Taylor Momsen leaves her hotel in London with a coffee. Looks yummy! Jennifer Garner stops at Starbucks in Los Angeles for a coffee. 
Taylor Swift likes the coffee at Starbucks, we've seen her there a lot. She looks like a vanilla latte girl.
Need a caffeine fix? Well, you're in good company because our favorite celebs are addicted! And not just to any coffee, but to Starbucks! Forget a Louis Vuitton bag, the newest accessory is a cup to-go from Starbucks! Wanna know what stars like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba order? Keep reading to find out!
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Natural Look! Celebrity Women Without Make Up!

Wednesday 3:03 PM, 21/03/2012
Kate Bosworth is pretty! Eva Mendes looks sad, but she's a natural beauty. Jessica Biel is a gorgeous woman, with or without make up! You look so young without make-up, Emma Watson! Confident without make-up, Kim Kardashian! Gwyneth Paltrow looks so healthy! Not as elegant as we're used to see you, Kirsten Dunst. Kate Hudson looks tired. So sweet, Katie Holmes! Whitney Port love being without make-up.
Celebrities are not always surrounded by stylists and make-up artists. And how good is that?! They show us that not even they are completely flawless. We've seen ten celebrity women like Kim Kardashian and Emma Watson who dare to show their natural look. Click on the pics and see their real faces!
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