Kevin Federline

21 March 1978, Fresno County, California, USA
37 years

Shar Jackson, Britney Spears, Kendra Jade, Sandy Lakdar, Luscious liz, Nicole Narain
Backup dancer and rapper Kevin Federline also goes by the nickname K-Fed. He is most famous for his marriage to popstar Britney Spears. He used to be her back-up dancer. Together they have two sons, Jayden and Sean Preston. Kevin loves hip-hop and Las Vegas.

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Is Britney Trying to Make K-Fed Ex Jealous?

Friday 8:40 AM, 03/04/2009
We heard a very juicy rumour! Britney Spears has been getting hot and heavy with one of her dancers! People inside Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal where Britney had a Circus Tour Afterparty saw it all and they say the Brit and her new guy were kissing all over the club, eventually leaving together to her hotel suite! That is not even the juicy bit! Insiders say Britney is just seeing the dancer to make her ex Kevin Federline jealous. After spending so much time together lately because Kevin is touring with The Circus to be with the kids, Britney wants K-Fed back! (OK!)
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What a failure

K-Fed Too Chubby to Be a Dancer!

Friday 5:46 PM, 13/02/2009
He is almost unrecognisable! Its just daddy weight! the crew from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
With all that Daddy-weight, no wonder Kevin Federline is trying to revive his music career. He is working on a new album with with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony in LA. We hope it works out for you this time Kevin, otherwise its going to take a lot of sweat and tears to get you dancer fit again!
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Kat Von D : Conquering the World One Tattoo at a Time!

Saturday 2:22 AM, 07/02/2009
Kat Von D : Conquering the World One Tattoo at a Time!
Kate and Her boyfriend Jimmy 6 The new tattoo bible K-Fed shows off some tats
"LA Ink" reality show star Kat Von D has come out with her own book. Some of the celebs she has tattoed for the show were also there, like Kevin Federline. She really is everywhere at the moment! Check out her interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

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Britney's Ulitmatum

Wednesday 12:33 AM, 04/02/2009
Britney's Ulitmatum
Britney sets the record straight!
Britney Spears was rumoured to be cancelling her tour unless her little boys join her. The Pop princess has got her way and the show will go on, but its going to cost her! According to TMZ she will have 3 houses in LA, New Orleans and New Jersey where the kids will live during the tour and she has to rent apartments near all these places for ex Kevin Federline, he will also get $4000 dollars for every week the tour goes on!

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Federline goes for a walk on the wild side!

Sunday 1:12 AM, 28/12/2008
Kevin Federline clearly likes his girls a little on the wild side. K-Fed's new squeeze is, according to TMZ, Victoria Prince, who has had her share of run-ins with the law. Just last year, Prince was arrested for assault! But, she pled not guilty and the case was eventually dismissed. During her years in high school, Vic was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school premises and possession of alcohol by a minor. The docs were however destroyed so we don't know how it all turned out. She says the weapon was for protection, because she had to walk to her car late at night after volleyball practice - but she didn't mention the other stuff...
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Britney Spears wishes her fans a Merry Christmas!

Friday 9:48 PM, 26/12/2008
Cute trion!
How cute isn't Britney Spears' greeting card she put on her website? It really seems as if Britney is working her way back in the game for real, probably easier now that Kevin Federline is out of the picture! We wish Britney all the best after everything she's been through, it's not weird that a normal person becomes nuts after years of struggle against media and fan stalkers. It is hard not to think that her sons are going to turn into gorgeous hunks in the future when looking at these pictures!
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