1 March 1987, Los Angeles, California, USA
28 years

Kesha is an American singer-songwriter born in Los Angeles, she started her career with producing songs in 2006 while she was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. Kesha has written a song for Miley Cirus and her music has also been used in television series such as "The Hills" and "Degrassi: The Next Generation". Kesha has also been a background singer for Britney Spears in the song "Lace and Leather".

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Let's just call Ke$ha - Baby Gaga!

Tuesday 11:04 PM, 23/11/2010
Oh please girl!
Ok enough now Kesha with the Lady Gaga copying! The makeup, the crazy outfits we were willing to give you a chance with, but don't go near Gaga's signature accessory - the whacky eyewear! Kesha or Ke$ha as she likes to be known, showed up at Jimmy Kimmel's live show studios last night in these studded 3D style glasses and we were not so impressed, even though her fans seemed excited!
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Justin Bieber - AMA's Biggest Winner!

Monday 2:28 PM, 22/11/2010
Muse Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas Taylor Swift live on stage! Rihanna Backstreet Boys Pink Justin Beiber and Usher in their matching outfits! Michael Buble Katy Perry New Kids on the Block Usher doing his thing Christina Aguilera Kesha
As we told you earlier, the American Music Awards took place last night and it was a night packed full of stars! No big surprise who the biggest star of them all was though - Justin Bieber took away several prizes and also won the big one - "artist of the year"! Congratz Justin!

There were also some amazing live performances including the huge stage comebacks for boy bands New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys! There were more than 12 live acts in one night! Wow! Here are some pictures of some of them. Enjoy!

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Kesha's MASSIVE Faux Hawk Party Look!

Friday 9:59 PM, 19/11/2010
Katie Cassidy Kelly Osbourne Chris Brown Jenna Dewan David Arquette Olivia Wilde Brandy Nelly Kelly Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne Colbie Caillat Nicky Hilton Bridget Marquardt Paris Hilton Aubrey O'Day
If Kesha aka Ke$ha was trying to attract attention last night, she succeeded! She arrived at the US Weekly Magazine "Hot Party" with her hair up in the biggest faux hawk we have seen on the red carpet - ever! This girl really is out to prove herself as "different" We liked her sparkly dress! Kelly Osbourne, Chris Brown and many other stars were also there. Take a look!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 4:07 PM, 08/11/2010
8. We don't really hate socialite Tinsley Mortimer's outfit as much as we hate the choice of colors for her. These nude and military tones totally wash her out, especially as she has nude tones of makeup on as well! Overkill! 7. Marion Cotillard gets it wrong yet again in this silver one shoulder mini that also drowns out her curves. What is with women lately and pretending they don't have waistlines?! 6. Carmen Electra showed up to an MTV Australia event this weekend looking like a retro space cadett robot woman. All that silver in the sunlight is hurting our eyes! 5. Model turned film producer Lisa Marie Falcone has strange taste in clothing and this red and nude dress with the red Santa Claus boots and over done makeup proves why people see her as one of NYC's more eccentric socialites! Ouch!  We especially want to rip off those red arm warmers! 4. British singer Diana Vickers is trying too hard to be trendy here and there is too much going for us. This huge print is wearing her, instead of the other way round! Let your talent speak for itself Diana because your clothes are shouting too loudly! 3. Katie Price aka Jordan looks her usual trashy self in transvestite makeup and mad hair. How does she manage to make a simple white cape and dress look she is about to take the stage at a strip club? 2. Oh No Eliza Doolittle! You know your outfit is way too revealing when you have to use your hand to cover up so that photographs don't get a scandalous shot! Put some pants on girl! 1. Kesha aka Ke$ha trying her best to stand out at last night's EMA's. We know its tough to share a stage with huge stars and pros of amazing outfits like Katy Perry and Rihanna, but seriously Kesha, what is up with the ugly colors of war paint? She looks like a neon alien thing and NOT in a cool way!
Something happens when the seasons change and people start experimenting with the latest trends. It often goes very badly wrong in the beginning stages and unfortunately this week that has happened to everyone from Heidi Klum to Marion Cotillard and as usual Jordan!


Who was worst?

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Kesha The Queen of Strange at EMAs!

Monday 12:52 PM, 08/11/2010
Katy Perry Eva Longoria Miley Cyrus Rihanna Ke$ha's first outfit Dizzee Rascal Kelly Brook Taylor Momsen Shakira Katy Perry and Russell Brand Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi Johhny Knoxville Slash Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars
Lady Gaga didn't make it to this year's European MTV Music Awards and her crazy outfits and performance were definitely missed! Kesha aka Ke$ha took the opportunity to take over the role of strange this year in Gaga's place though! Check out the pink hair and face paint! We are not sure she is as spectacular as Gaga, but it was fun to look at anyway! See what everyone else was wearing on the red carpet to this year's EMA's below!


Who was your favorite?

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Sneak Peak: Kesha's New Music Video Looks FIERCE!

Thursday 11:07 PM, 04/11/2010
Wow! Fierceness!
Love her or hate her, you have to admit Ke$ha aka Kesha knows exactly what she wants! We were just sent these pictures hot off the set of her new music video! Is being shot in Los Angeles at the moment and its typical Kesha! Animal print, glitter makeup and rock chic messiness. We have to say we kind of fell in love with these photos. We are not toally sold on her music so much, but we can't wait to see this video!
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