Keri Russell

23 March 1976, Fountain Valley, California, USA
39 years

Tony Lucca, Joey Lawrence, Scott Speedman, Shane Dearye
Keri Russell began her television career in 1991 on the Mickey Mouse Club. She then landed the lead role on the tv-show Felicity in 1998. She is a good dancer and has worked as a model.

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She Is The World's Most Beautiful Woman In 2014!

Thursday 10:03 AM, 24/04/2014
1. Lupita Nyong'o. 2. Keri Russell. 3. Jenna Dewan. 4. Mindy Kaling. 5. Pink. 6. Amber Heard. 7. Gabrielle Union. 8. Molly Sims. 9. Stacy Keibler. 10. Kerry Washington.
Every year, People Magazine names the most beautiful women on Earth. This year a real newcomer grabbed the first place on the list. She won an Oscar for her role as a slave in 12 Years a Slave and she recently landed a contract with Lancôme Paris - but she never ever dreamed about being titled the 'most beautiful woman' on the planet.

Who do you think it is? Click on the pics and check out the winner - and the full list!
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Keri Russell Splits With Her Husband Shane Deary!

Saturday 8:27 AM, 07/12/2013
After almost seven years of marriage, “The Americans” star Keri Russell and her husband Shane Deary have decided to go their separate ways. ...READ MORE ▶
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"Felicity" star Keri Russell gave birth to a girl!

Friday 9:04 AM, 06/01/2012
Keri looks great! Long time, no seen Keri!
We just got told that the former ”Felicity” star Keri Russell has given birth to a baby girl! Keri and her husband Shane Deary have named her Willa...READ MORE ▶
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 2:32 PM, 25/01/2010
8. Julianne Moore is at a tough fashion phase in her career right now. She is not a young Hollywood starlet anymore, but she is still gorgeous, so its tough to be age appropriate and fashion forward - we get that. This strange orange contraption, doesn't show off her beauty at all, it ages her and makes her look tired and saggy! 7. Oh no Taylor Momsen, not again! When your skirt is so short your can't take two steps in it without flashing everyone, you know you have committed a fashion crime! We really hope Taylor will soon learn the difference between edgy fashion and slutty style choices! 6. Actress Keri Russell is taking a risk here by wearing famously edgy designer Alexander McQueen. This trapeze dress drowns her and those sandals cut off her legs at a very unflattering place. Not her best look! 5. This white and silver dress Rihanna chose to wear this weekend in Cannes for the NRJ Music Awards actually looks like two totally seperate dresses - fighting with each other for attention on her body! We are not feeling this look at all! 4. French singer Sheryfa Luna in yet another harem pyjama look! We have already warned her once about this kind of look and how unflattering it is for the red carpet, there is no excuse for committing the kind of fashion crime twice! 3. Oh no Ashley Olsen we expect more from you than this! We know fashionistas love to experiment with fashion, but the "Bride of Frankenstein" look should only ever be brought out at Halloween! 2. We are not really sure what kind of statement Camilla Belle was trying to make with this swinging  retro Valentino mini-dress... we just can't find anything good to say about it, this whole look is unflattering, from the hair to the big bow at her waiste! 1. Kanye West's model girlfriend Amber Rose has done it again! She has shocked us with her ability to choose outfits that make her look slutty and unsophisticated over and over again! What is this girl thinking?
We are back after a little bit of a Fashion Police break and while we were gone there have been some huge crimes of fashion, especially with fashionistas trying to get noticed on the red carpet and at fashion week. When are they going to learn that being noticed for bad taste in clothes is not the best idea?! Just look at what Ashley Olsen, Camilla Belle and Rihanna decided to step out in this week! (Click on pic for full outfit)


Who is your choice for worst dressed?

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What happend with Keri Russell's career?

Monday 11:17 PM, 03/11/2008
What happend with Keri Russell's career?
Actress Keri Russell toke a stroll in her Brooklyn neighborhood in New York with her son River. The former Felicity star practically looked the same as she did ten years ago in the series. Wonder what happened with her predicted super star career?
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