Keri Hilson

1 January 1982, Decatur, Georgia, USA
33 years

Keri Hilson is an American singer and songwriter. She´s written songs to singers like Britney Spears and Ludacris during the early 2000. Her singing career started when she featured a song called "The Way I Are" with singer Timbaland in 2007. Keri Hilson has been in music videos for Usher, Ne-Yo and Nelly.

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Thursday 7:09 PM, 26/07/2012
2. Violet makes a gorgeous smokey eye! Kristen Stewart used a purple eye shadow to blend in with her black and brown shades. For a bit of fun, try a blue or purple mascara! 3. Miley Cyrus is going for a typical black smokey eye look with heavy black eyeliner above the upper lash line and a thinner line on the bottom lashes. She's intensifying her make up with a really dark brown eyebrow pen. 4. Keri Hilson has lighened up her make up with a white eyeshadow applied around the inner corners of the eyes. 5. For color on the bottom, like Charlize Theron, you'll want to use a eyeliner pencil because they're easiest to smudge. Once the line is drawn, run your finger over it to smudge the line. You can also apply a bit of shadow to get full smudge effect. 6. Taylor Swift has finished her pink and purple smokey eye look with several layers of mascara. She has also kept her lips in a pale pink shimmery color to keep the focus to her eyes.
Smokey eyes are always in style and we love that there are so many ways to pull them off! What you will need to get the right smokey look is a eye primer, two shawods (one light, one darker), eyeliner, make-up brushes, a mascara - and our celebrity advice! Emma Watson has used purple eye shadow in her dramatic make-up while Keri Hilson has ligthened hers up with a white shade. Click on the pictures to read more awesome tips from stars with super sexy smokey eyes!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Wednesday 7:16 PM, 12/10/2011
Katie Price just remembered to dress the upper half of her body.. Keri Hilson's sunglasses are so cool and so is her sweater, but it just went down from there! The shoes are awful! Mel C's dress was so tight that it ripped! Paula Abdul, thigh high's are not supposed to be used as pants! Jessie J looks like a crazy figure skater! You are so cute! But there is just too much patterns going on here, Hilary Duff! The pants are nice and the top is too. But together, it's a big NO! And definitely not on Erin Wasson! Bar Refaeli has such a great figure! Why hide it under all of these ruffles? Evan Rachel Wood is trying to match the red carpet with way too many red items! And isn't she giving off a Carmen Sandiego vibe?
This week's worst dressed celebs went a little too far with their outfits, like Katie Price! We know that Katie isn't one of the better dressed celebs, but this week she left her pants at home! Sometimes celebs will do anything for attention and others just have no fashion sense! Click on the pics and take a look at this week's worst dressed celebs!


Which Celeb Was Worst?

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This Week's Best Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 7:16 PM, 04/10/2011
Miranda Kerr mixes soft chiffon with cool leather, it looks amazing! We love Sarah Jessica Parker's style, it's so feminine and classic! We love the lumberjack shirt on you, Rihanna! We love Crystal Renn's golden Zac Posen gown! We love this outfit, Charlize Theron! Especially the shoes! Kirsten Dunst's 40's inspired dress from Honor is so cute! We love how Whitney Port spices up a casual outfit with hot red! Emma Stone looks great! Keri Hilson was rocking this outfit in Paris, it's crazy, but we love it!
We spotted our favorite celebs wearing the most amazing outfits this week! Many fashionistas were spotted at Fashion Week in Paris looking fab, like Miranda Kerr who wore the most amazing pair of brown leather pants! Click on the pics to see this week's best dressed celebs!
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Fashion Battle: Which Pop Sensation Owns The Stage?

Thursday 7:12 PM, 01/09/2011
"I'm The King Of The World!" Well, at least you look just as glamorous as one, Taylor Swift! Miley Cyrus in an all black outfit. A bit boring perhaps? Rihanna isn't wearing much of an outfit but at least it's colorful! Remove the star tights and leopard shoes and Jessie J looks like she's skydiving! Katy Perry, sweet as candy! No one can rock a gold corset like Beyonce! Earth calling Ke$ha. We repeat, Earth calling Ke$ha! Is Selena Gomez inspired by Beyonce? Keri Hilson is pink and urban! Oh Lady Gaga, Oh Lady Gaga!
We love their music, we love their performances, but most of all we love how these ladies keep on shocking us with crazy outfits!

We can't get enough of Taylor Swift's golden dresses, Britney's unflattering corsets, and Kesha's futuristic look! Whether it's fashionable or not, they always give us a show which has lead to the ultimate pop diva battle. Now it's up to you guys to decide who has the best stage wardrobe! Are you on Team Britney or are you one of Gaga's little monsters? Let us know!


Who Has The Best Stage Outfit?

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Top 17 Worst Celebrity Hair Color Disasters!

Thursday 12:12 PM, 02/06/2011
We prefer Victoria Beckham as a brunette, don't you agree? Blonde is not Rumer Willis' color! Amy Winehouse went Lindsay Lohan blonde and it doesn't look good on either of them. Bai Ling highlights are too thick, too orange, too chuny. Keri Hilson, this is just weird. LOL! Jessica Simpson! LiLo looks so washed out here. Kelly Osbourne went for the old lady look and it's pretty terrible. Oh poor Khloe Kardashian, it looks like she has an orangutan on her head! Katy Perry rocked the blue hair a bit too long, it grew old. Christina Aguilera with terrible dreds and blonde hair. Christina Ricci looks so much better as brunette! We're not big fans of Rihanna's red hair. Lady Gaga went for highlighter yellow. Nichole Richie was trying to be surfer-edgy but failed. Scarlett Johansson dyed her hair a pale, washed out red... it looks like blegh!
Coloring your hair can be a tricky move. Sometimes you overdye or the color just looks completley wrong, or maybe you have a really cool idea but it turns out to be totally fugly. Don't worry, a lot of celebs have been there. So take inspiration from these celebs and DON'T go crazy when it comes to bad hair dyes!
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Chris Brown's New Music Video - Hit or Miss?

Saturday 4:08 PM, 26/03/2011
We can't believe how artists continue to collaborate with him! Aren't they worried that his bad reputation will rub off on them? Keri Hilson and Ch...READ MORE ▶
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