Kendra Wilkinson

12 June 1985, San Diego, California, USA
29 years

Hugh Hefner
Kendra Wilkinson is one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends and star of the hit reality TV show Girls Next Door. Got breast implants when she was eighteen and paid for it with money she earned from working two jobs. Is a big fan of rap/hip hop music. The youngest of Hef's three girlfriends.
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 2:29 PM, 16/08/2010
8. Even though nude is trendy right now, it has to be worn with some care and attention. Kristin Cavallari just looks pale and dull in this nude sheath. 7. Megan Fox can wear just about anything and still look hot, but at the Teen Choice Awards this week she pushed it too far with this clashing outfit. Oh and go easy on the botox Megan, you are starting to look like a wax model of yourself! 6. Shenae Grimes aged herself about 30 years when she put on that animal print contraption to the Nylon Party. We have no idea what she was thinking, she usually looks great. We don't really know what to say except, don't ever do that again Shenae! 5. Oohh we don't know where to start with Alessandra Torresani! The sheer tummy is bordering on trashy, but then the sparkly pattern over the breasts just pushed this over the top for us! her attempt at sexy glam goth went very very wrong! 4. There is not actually anything wrong with Emma Roberts' dress, its actually pretty cute. But there is a huge problem with the colour on her pale skin with the orange bronze makeup. Bad fail! 3.  We don't understand this latest look of Madonna's. Its messy and way too young for her. That argyle sock is just confusing and we want it to go away! Where is fierce, style icon Madge, we want her back! 2. Jordan in another award-winning disaster outfit. From the dress that should've been a top, with the bra shining through and the thigh-high lycra tight-boots, the overdone hair and makeup, its all a classic Jordan cheap looking mess! 1. Paris Hilton was trying to pay homage to her favourite Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe in this all white outfit at her perfume party this week, but she ended up looking like a Halloween costume doll and that bandage dress is so not right for her figure. Paris just can't ever get classy right.
This week proves how easy it is to ruin a simple little dress with the wrong accessories, the wrong colour or shape for your body! Kendra Wilkinson, Emma Roberts and Kristin Cavallari all made small fashion faults that turned into big red carpet disasters. Take a look.


Who was worst?

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Kendra Wilkinson Tells Us Her Version!

Wednesday 4:31 PM, 07/07/2010
Seeing as Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape will be released soon the world will be seeing and hearing more of Kendra than she ever wanted! That's why it's only right that she gets to tell her version of that story and many others in her new book 'Sliding Into Home'. Yesterday the former Playboy model signed copies of the book at Borders Books in New York and her husband Hank Baskett was of course by her side the whole time!
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Did Kendra Wilkinson Try Sell Her Own Sex Tape?

Friday 8:33 AM, 07/05/2010
Bad girl! She says she is worried the tape will harm her marriage - right!
There is yet another celebrity sex tape doing the rounds! No its not Paris Hilton again or Kim Kardashian...its former Playboy Playmate and new mom Kendra Wilkinson! Kendra has told anyone who wants to listen that she is devastated and humiliated about the tape and is doing everything she can to stop it from going on air, but we hear there is more to this story!

According to Radar Online Kendra was trying to sell the same tape herself a few months into her relationship with Hank Baskett who is now her baby's daddy and husband! So its sounds more to us like she isn't ashamed of the tape as she is pretending to be, its more like she is upset someone else will make money from it and not her! Nasty nasty Kendra! (Source: RadarOnline)
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Kendra and Holly: BFFs!

Monday 12:05 AM, 29/03/2010
Kendra Baskett poses for a photograph at Wet Republic, MGM Grand Resort Casino Holly Madison at Wet Republic, MGM Grand Resort Casino Holly Madison and Josh Strickland
Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison may not live together in the Playboy Mansion anymore but that doesn't mean they don't still hang out! Kendra and her hubby Hank Baskett had fun in the sun at Wet Republic yesterday and Holly was there to soak up a few rays of her own! True friendship lasts, right?
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More of the Jennifer & Gerard Show!

Wednesday 3:08 PM, 17/03/2010
Kendra Wilkinson Bethenny Frankel They can't stop touching! Interesting outfit Jen!
Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler's new movie The Bounty Hunter premiered in New York City last night. There was more action with Jennifer and Gerard, again they couldn't keep their hands and eyes off each other! Jen was wearing a pretty interesting nude draped dress too, not sure if it will make our best dressed list this week and new mom Kendra Wilkinson was at the premiere too, looking cute! Take a look!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 4:42 PM, 28/02/2010
8. Nicole Richie launched her latest clothing collection "Winter Kate" in Paris this week in her sleepwear! Atleast that's what it looked like to us! Paris is really not the place to make a style mistake Nicole! Big oops! 7.  You would think that accepting a style icon award from Elle Magazine could make Ashley Olsen smile. No not even that! We think its all these sad, pale and unflattering dresses she insists on wearing lately that must be making her so sad! 6. Renée Zellweger decided to fight the pregnancy rumours in this strangely proportioned dress this week. Well we have to admit, those huge sleeves really do take your eyes away from her stomach area don't they? Doesn't mean they are pretty though! 5. We usually love everything British model Daisy Lowe puts on, but this outfit we are really not feelilng!  When are people going to stop with this cut-out thing? It doesn't flatter anybody's body! Maybe it would have helped Daisy if the dress was actually the right size for her? 4. Agyness Deyn rocked a new look while out partying during London Fashion Week - the bag lady look! She even had her purse and keys hanging around her neck! Not classy at all Agyness, somehow we don't think this will be a trend anytime soon! 3. We don't understand Paloma Faith! Why does High Fashion have to be ugly to make a statement? We love the suit and we love the fancy hat, but why the strange shawl hanging over everything? Really, she can do so much better than this! 2. We spotted Courtney Love still partying hard in London this week and even though she was in a whole new outfit, its hard to tell it apart from her nasty look last week. In fact its the same Circus crazy look, just with new bits of clothing. We still hate it. 1. Oh no Kendra Wilkinson! We understand its tough to dress while you are inbetween sizes, especially while you are still trying to lose the baby weight. But really, what mader Kendra think this ruffly, too short and horriblly patterned dress would in any way flatter her curvier figure? Fail!
This week London was packed with wacky fashion for Fashion Week with stars like Courtney Love and Agyness Deyn in town! They never let us down with their crazy style, but this week they really went too far. There is a fine line between quirky and ugly ladies! Learn a lesson from these bad fashion moments! Remember to vote for the ones you thought were the worst!


Who was worst dressed?

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