Why Kelly Osbourne's Removing Her Tattoos!

Thursday 12:57 PM, 07/10/2010
The new Kelly

The new Kelly

The keyboard tattoo she hates so much now

The keyboard tattoo she hates so much now
We hope she keeps some of her ink!

We hope she keeps some of her ink!
It really will be an all new Kelly Osbourne soon! She is not stopping at a skinnier body shape for her new makeover, Kelly has announced she will be removing some of her 15 tattoos as well! Kelly says that she regrets many of her tattoos and has no idea why she had some of them done, like the huge keyboard she has on her lower arm!

Kelly explains that when she was younger and more self-destructive, she got tattoos as a way to upset her parents and she says it was even a way to self-harm! That sounds terrible! Kelly is excited about removing some of her most regrettable tattoos and even though it will take many months of treatment, she can't wait to be rid of them and have a cleaner looking body. We really hope Kelly is not busy turning herself into just another blonde, Hollywood barbie girl! (Source: Popeater)
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horrible(non member) 1
07/10/2010 5:32 PM
people really should think alot before doing a
not everyone will be able to afford to
remove them in the future
and i can totally
understand she wants the keyboard gone, its truly

yeah(non member) 2
15/10/2010 12:17 AM
i love her she really beautiful

Joseph G(non member) 3
15/10/2010 8:14 AM
she's gorgeous but not remove that tattoo of piano
that is cool tattoo

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