Kelly Clarkson

24 April 1982, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
32 years

Graham Colton
Kelly Clarkson was the first person ever to win American Idol in 2002. When Kelly Clarkson was little she wanted to be a marine biologist, but got too scared watching "Jaws"! Kelly's first album sold over 2.5 million copies in America! She is also the first American Idol winner to win a Grammy Award. In 2006 she won 3 all at once!
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Six Totally Super Random Facts About Selena Gomez!

Wednesday 8:53 PM, 22/01/2014
2. In 2009, she became the youngest ambassador of UNICEF ever in history at the age of 17. Selena has traveled to Chile to meet families in one of the organization's programs. 3. She turned down High School Musical 3. Selena could've joined forces with Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron in HSM 3, but she said no. "I didn't want to do it. I want to be taken seriously as an actress for many years", she said about it. 4. Selena was named after the singer Selena Quintantella Perez, who was shot and killed. 5. She used to wear a purity ring that said "True Love Waits", but she took it off once she started dating Justin Bieber. She never mentioned what it meant. 6. Selena protects her voice with olive oil. She's said it was Kelly Clarkson who taught her to drink it in order to keep her voice in tip-top shape.
Thought you knew everything about Selena Gomez yet? Well, think again. We've dug deep into her past, and have collected six totally random facts about this starlet, that we bet you didn't know before. So are you ready to get to know her even better? Click on the pics and read them all!
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List: Stars Who Have Battled Eating Disorders!

Tuesday 9:15 PM, 10/12/2013
Lindsay Lohan might not be the healthiest celebrity, but at least she's no longer bulimic. "I was sick, and I was scared too", she's said about her darkest days in 2006. "I had people sit me down and say, 'You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself'". Ashlee Simpson suffered from anorexia at a very young age. When practicing ballet at the age of 11, she had big issues with her body. Ashlee says she's overcome them today. Demi Lovato has battled binge eating and bulimia as a child. "My eating disorder will continue to affect me for the rest of my life", she told Seventeen magazine. Victoria Beckham has admitted she suffered from an eating disorder during her early Spice Girls years. "I struggled with the pressure to be thin", she wrote in her autobiography, saying she's thankful she won the battle. Kelly Clarkson got criticized for her curves when winning American Idol. She later admitted she suffered from an eating disorder in high school when missing out on a musical role. "I thought... If I came back and I'm cuter and thinner... then I'll get the role", she said. Today she's free from all her bad weight thoughts.
We figured we'd take a moment to pay some extra attention to the stars who have battled eating disorders over the years. There's always celebrities who believe that skinnier is better, and we want to make everyone aware that trying weird diets even can be deadly. We've listed 6 stars that have battled eating disorders, that hope their stories can make other people chose other paths. Click on the pics and read their stories.
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