Kellan Lutz

15 March 1985, North Dakota USA
30 years

AnnaLynne McCord
Kellan is an actor who first became known for the movie Twilight. He comes from a huge family with 6 brothers and 1 sister! Kellan was A-grade student and one scholarships to go to College, but gave them up to follow his acting dream!
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Flashy couple!

The new 'IT' couple!

Sunday 10:00 AM, 18/07/2010
It's official, the Vampire and the Beverly Hills diva are in love! Hotshots Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord were seen celebrating Anna's birthday at the Wet Rebublic at MGM Grand Resort and Casino in Las Vegas yesterday! The couple posed jadedly for the photographers, greeted the fans and generally just looked good! We think Kellan Lutz's swim trunks are just adorable! It's an easy life being young, rich and famous.
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Kellan Lutz brings his dad to premieres!

Thursday 9:00 AM, 15/07/2010
Kellan Lutz crashed the Los Angeles Premiere of "Inception" last Tuesday together with his dad! We think it's totally adorable that Kellan brings his dad along to the red carpet and they sure looked happy together, he must be such a proud dad! 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord also showed up wearing a very very revealing dress and the big stars of the night Marion Cotillard and Leonardo DiCaprio looked stylish and glamorous as usual.
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Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene Twilight Salary Fight - The Facts!

Thursday 11:46 AM, 20/05/2010
We are so happy for them!
All kinds of rumours have been flying around over the last few days about Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene's Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn contracts. First people were saying the two actors would be leaving the franchise and two replacements would have to be found to play their Cullen characters but luckily that is not true! So here is what went down.

Ashley and Kellan obviously don't make as much money as the 3 main stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner who play Bella, Edward and Jacob, but that doesn't mean the other characters shouldn't be cashing in on the Twilight money train. So Ashley and Kellan went into salary negotiations and this is what they came out with: Each of them will raise their salaries by more than $2 million as they will be paid around $1.25 million for each movie. So that kind of proves that Breaking Dawn is definitely going to be in 2 parts doesn't it?! We are so happy that Summit Entertainment has announced that the whole Cullen family will be back for Breaking Dawn! (Source: THR)
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Kellan Lutz Looks Good in Calvin Klein!

Sunday 12:58 PM, 16/05/2010
He's so good looking! Yummie! We can't wait for the third movie in the "Twilight Saga"!
Twilight star and Calvin Klein underwear model Kellan Lutz showed some skin as he maked an appearance at Macy's Herald Square in New York City yesterday! He looked good as always and we can't wait to see the third movie in the Twilight Saga!
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Calvin Klein Takes A Break!

Monday 8:16 AM, 05/04/2010
Looks nice! Spring in NYC!
It's not often we get to see the man behind the brand but yesterday we spotted Calvin Klein having lunch with a friend in the West Village in New York! Calvin and the rest of the New York-based designers have been very busy with fashion week and what not so he probably deserves to take it easy now! What better way than to have lunch outside in the sun?
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Kellan Lutz Stops Traffic in His Underwear!

Sunday 4:21 PM, 04/04/2010
If you drive by Kellan Lutz' new billboard in SoHo in New York you'll have to work hard at keeping your eyes on the road so you don't crash! With Kellan only wearing a pair of Calvin Klein briefs and showing off his incredibly toned upper body it's not such an easy thing to do, especially considering the size of the billboard! Watch out drivers!
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