Kellan Lutz

15 March 1985, North Dakota USA
29 years

AnnaLynne McCord
Kellan is an actor who first became known for the movie Twilight. He comes from a huge family with 6 brothers and 1 sister! Kellan was A-grade student and one scholarships to go to College, but gave them up to follow his acting dream!
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Friday Hot Guy! Kellan Lutz!

Friday 7:17 PM, 24/08/2012
Kellan remembers his first kiss vividly "It was during Truth or Dare. The girls would put their lip balm on - I was obsessed with it! The flavors were chocolate, caramel, and strawberry." Kellan loves iced latte- wonder how he would feel about taking us on a Starbuck's date?! Guess who helped Taylor Lautner get ripped for his bare chest scenes in "Twilight: New Moon"?! Kellan did! What a good good friend he is... Our boy is big into sharp fashion, Abbot+Main is the name of his own clothing line! If you'd like to go on a hot get-away with this guy, South Africa is the place to go- he loves it! 'Krazy Kellan' is the nickname given to him by his family, sounds like something the Kardashian's would come up with... Did you know that Kellan was the male lead actor in Hilary Duff's music video "With Love"? Lucky girl that Hilary! Kellan used to be an Abercrombie & Fitch model.... Yea, we can tell.... Hoooot stuff!!!!!!
F-f-f-friday hot guy! Please let us present to you: "Twilight" actor Kellan Lutz, a real heart breaker and very easy on the eyes. Most of us would recognize him from playing Emmett Cullen of "Twilight" but he has a ton of other cool movie projects coming up. While we are waiting of post-production movies " Love Is All You Need?", "Tarzan" and "Java Heat", let's rest our eyes of some seriously SUPER HOT shoots!

Click on the pictures to see more of this week's Friday Hot Guy!
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Larger Than Life Celebrities! Say It On A Billboard!

Tuesday 10:59 PM, 20/03/2012
Courteney Cox became a cartoon when promoting the TV show "Dirt." Jennifer Aniston for SmartWater. Beyonce for Samantha Thavasa. Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein. This would stop traffic! Kourtney Kardashian for PETA. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham for Emporio Armani Underwear. Hot! Michelle Williams starred in Chicago. Olivia Munn for PETA. Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein. Lucky Ryan Gosling!
Besides being on the silver screen, runway, or the TV, some of our favorite celebs also lend their faces to another HUGE outlet. Billboards. Click on the pics to see some of our favorite bigger than life celebrities.
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The Ones Who Didn't Live Happily Ever After!

Monday 4:04 PM, 27/02/2012
AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz first fell in love on the set of 90210 in 2008. Then they fell out of love, then in love, then out, then in, then... The on and off couple finally broke up for good in 2011. Former husband and wife, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, met on the set of their film Days of Thunder. They were married for 11 years and have two children together, Isabella and Connor. We must admit, we were a bit surprised finding out Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor were dating. After a couple of months though, they broke up and soon after that Jessica quit Gossip Girl and now there's rumors about the couple being back together again. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' fate seems to be connected. They were born in the same hospital and were reunited in The Notebook which lead to an off-set romance, sadly it ended in 2007. Before dumping Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt got dumped by ex-fiance Gwyneth Paltrow in1997. Who can forget these two lovebirds? We all know Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens met and fell in love on the set of High School Musical and the cute couple stayed together for 5 years. That's a lot ifor Hollywood! Before all the drama surrounding Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher used to be boyfriend to now deceased, Brittany Murphy. These two hilarious people met filming Just Married.  Bennifer vol. 1 was consisting of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The former couple met on the set of Gigli and were engaged but broke up before the wedding. Suitable, these two met while doing Valentine's Day. And for a short period of time we were playing with the idea that if Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift got married, Hollywood would have two Taylor Lautners! Can you believe Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz used to date? Neither can we, it just seems a bit off. But they did, Matthew became Penelope's rebound, after her breakup from Tom Cruise, on the set of Sahara. Former couple Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are still friends but that's about it, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed for at least Dan and Serena to get back together.
Stars seem to fall in love on set all the time, unfortunately it doesn't mean the love will last once the filming is over. Some couples you just know from the beginning that it isn't going to work. These Hollywood couples fell in love on set and learned that life isn't a movie and that you can't always live happily ever after.
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Ashley Greene: I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It!

Monday 4:15 PM, 06/02/2012
The actress Olivia Wilde.
Twilight star Ashley Greene has kissed a lot of hot Hollywood guys during her carrer. Some of the hightlights have been Kellan Lutz in "A Warrior's...READ MORE ▶
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Being Nice To Kellan Lutz

Tuesday 10:52 AM, 08/11/2011
We're going to try to say something nice about Kellan Lutz. We like his.... um, hat. Yeah, we like his hat.
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Top List: 6 Guys You Should Never Ever Date!

Tuesday 8:19 PM, 01/11/2011
2. The mother lover, who always puts his mom first!
Leonardo DiCaprio is the perfect example here, he and Blake Lively had the perfect relationship. Leo spoiled Blake with gifts, cars, and fancy was blooming. Until dear mom, Irmelin, announced her dislike to Leo. A month later, and the relationship was over! Beware of the motherlover, she has more say in it than him! Or you for that matter! 3. The couples guy!
Ryan Gosling is a girlfriend kind of guy. He's always been in relationships, he's like a NY cab. He's light is either on or off, and if it's on, he's looking for a new companion. This guy is only looking for closeness, and when you want a life of your own, he'll drop you off at the nearest intersection! 4. The guy who thinks he's such a player, but he's got NO game! 
The perfect Hollywood example is The Situation. The guy who sees himself as a total womanizer is always a total loser! 5. The guy who thinks he looks good, so he doesn't need a personality!
We think Kellan Lutz looks great, his self esteem is sky high, but his personality is just..blah. We can almost call him "the face guy" , because that's all there is! This guy has passed through life with a great face, life has been easy for him. Give him a challenge, or he'll bore you to death! 6. The über geek-the guy who wont go offline!
50 Cent loves playing video games so much that he has a huge game room in his hose, totally devoted to video games! He has designed his own consoles, AND he's made his own video game. If you think that if he can spend all that money on a game room, he'll spend time on you, think again! Guys who love technology more than daylight will maybe will make you the newest background image on their computer, but no more, no less. Fact!
Dating is hard, it's a jungle out there! And how many frogs do you have to kiss before you get your prince? Well you're in help! We've listed the top six guys you should avoid dating, like the mother-lover (aka Leonardo DiCaprio!). Click on the pics and make sure you stay away from these dating don'ts!

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