Superstar Fashion Battle: Rihanna Vs. Katy Perry!

Tuesday 11:10 PM, 05/06/2012
Superstar Fashion Battle: Rihanna Vs. Katy Perry!

So who wore it best?

.. in a red sheer dress?

.. in a red sheer dress?
Or Katy Perry...

Or Katy Perry...
.. with her new gothic style?

.. with her new gothic style?
Check this out: two of our time's most successful singers in a fashion duel! Epic! We spotted Katy Perry in her new goth inspired look, wearing this sheer black dress. But did you know Rihanna wore a similar dress back in 2010? She chose the red version of it, and matched it with her old haircolor. But that leads us up to the big question: Who wore it best? Vote, vote, vote!


Who Wore It Best?

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thyadabez (Posh24 member) 1
07/06/2012 12:06 AM
if anything we should all know dat Rihanna wore
the outfit better. first off she actually fits da
freakn dress. second off what in gods name gave
katy perry the idea of being goth @tht i dnt care
hw goth she THNKS she iz WUZ UP WIT DM SHOES

Rosie(non member) 2
11/06/2012 6:27 PM
I actually really like how Rihanna fitted herself
in it because, she didn't make it tight or to
loose. She picked a vibrant colour and she didn't
go crazy with her shoes or accsesories.
Perry went all gothic and her hair didn't really
blend in with

Rihanna For sure(non member) 3
22/08/2012 7:23 AM
Katy Perry looks like a poser, yet again

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