Practice Makes Perfect for Katy Perry!

Sunday 1:54 PM, 20/06/2010

Even superstars like Katy Perry have to practice to hit the right notes and dance moves! Yesterday the singer was in Toronto to rehearse for the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards and we have to say it looked pretty good! Add a cool outfit to it and you're home Katy!
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Gonna(non member) 1
20/06/2010 6:03 PM
haha guyz i gotta feelingzz about EDITORZZ of this
site cozzz thats funny when u tell ME that SHE IS
SUPERSTAR.....u know fat lagzz and titzz are not
attrective and THATS ALL cant call SUPERSTAR coz i
bellive normal people (they dont sit on such
stupid pa

Gonna(non member) 2
20/06/2010 6:05 PM
(they dont sit on such stupid pagez) wont think
this WHORE superstar...
superstar wont think
HERself super..
my god this site only for little
girls from 9 to 13 yearz old
im sorry i dont
understand KEWL thingz in
i cant find this
beauty in her face c

Gonna(non member) 3
20/06/2010 6:07 PM
beauty in her face coz her face full of plastic
surgery thats shame ur all fukin americanz dont
understanmd this word B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-l

that was ALL on my mind all time i sat here

Jem(non member) 4
17/08/2011 9:48 PM
Don't say that AMERICANS don't know what beauty is
just because of a few american celebrites. Thant
makes you rude and most of all STEREOTYPICAL

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