Katy Perry's Lil Bro Is Following In Her Footsteps!

Saturday 6:05 PM, 03/12/2011
Katy Perry with her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson.

Katy Perry with her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson.

More than often little brothers and sisters of celebrities try to break into the entertainment business. Elizabeth Olsen, Elle Fanning and Solange Knowles to name a few! The latest one in hopes of stepping out of his big sister's shadow is Katy Perry's lil bro, 23-year-old David Daniel Hudson! David has been trying to make it as an actor, (view some of his audition tapes here) but lately shifted over to music and WOW, we think he might be able to give his big sister a run for her money! David definitely has musical talent, and his first single is amazingly well done considering it was completely self-produced. Check out David's debut track "A Real Man's Life" below!

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oh w0w(non member) 1
06/12/2011 8:57 AM
omg finally katy perry looks normal 4 1s (in the
1st pic) im soo glad

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