Katy Perry and Russell Brand Might Get A Divorce!

Monday 5:12 PM, 21/11/2011
Trouble in paradise?

Trouble in paradise?

Russell doesn't look so happy!

Russell doesn't look so happy!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are having problems. Like, big problems. Katy recently revealed publicly that she wants to have kids, but privately she's telling all of her friends that she and Russell are in trouble! Russell has jokingly taken off his wedding ring during stand up routines, and you know what they say, there's always truth in comedy! So what is it: Should we expected a little Perry/Brand baby or a messy divorce? (dailymail)
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cathy(non member) 1
21/11/2011 7:58 PM
NOOO! they are like..PERFECT together!

Anetis(non member) 2
21/11/2011 11:15 PM
2 words STUPID MEDIA! Leave them alone!

denay(non member) 3
22/11/2011 1:18 AM
what i could not belive this why they keep saying
that like shut up!!!!! GOSH!

tj(non member) 4
22/11/2011 4:44 AM
ok in 1 of the pics russel was brushing hair out
of his face and blinking not being unhappy! this
is so fake!

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