Katy Perry and Benji Madden: Are They Valentines?

Monday 12:58 PM, 16/02/2009
Benji Madden and Katy Perry spent Valentine's day together partying at Lavo nightclub. People inside the club said they were definitely cuddling up together in a booth and were dancing up very close. Could these two be the next hot couple?


Do you tthink Katy and Benji are a good love match?

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who?!?!?(non member) 1
16/02/2009 8:02 PM
who the hell is Benji Madden?!?!?!

kittyizme111(non member) 2
16/02/2009 8:58 PM
u idiot thats just plain dumb

thakiyah williams(non member) 3
17/02/2009 12:55 AM
hey kate

sheena(non member) 4
17/02/2009 5:56 AM
um, well, i dont LOVEE Katy Perry but i
think she's pretty and cool.
Benji's my hero, so
all i want is him to be happy.

what???!!!??!(non member) 5
19/02/2009 3:55 PM
i love katy perry but if she ever dates that siko
benji, i'm gonna hate her. she's dumb to date

Well..(non member) 6
19/02/2009 6:36 PM
Ill hate Katy Perry if she does/ is!

oMFFGG.xS(non member) 7
14/04/2009 5:20 PM
Katy Perry have good song, but she don't look
Benji & Paris Hilton was look realy more

??(non member) 8
14/04/2009 7:54 PM
If you're saying she's ugly, you're obv blind,
because she is stunning, and im not saying that
because im a fan, I dont really care aboyt her,
but she's obvously NOt ugly, so get over

:((non member) 9
15/04/2009 7:51 PM
Benji? And Katy? umm... He "don't wanna be in
love" and she "kissed the girl", so they two
together?? No, please... and GC's music is much
more better than Katy's^^

And maybe Katy is
"complicated" and Benji is "hot and cold". It
won't be the best coupl

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