Is This French Model Katy Perry's New Boyfriend?

Saturday 10:02 AM, 24/03/2012
Katy's next Prince Charming?

Katy's next Prince Charming?

Pretty good handsome! Gosh!

Pretty good handsome! Gosh!

Handsome French model Baptiste Giabiconi can eventually be Katy Perry's next prince charming! Or shall we say rebound boy?! Just weeks after the 27-year-old singer's divorce from actor Russell Brand was finalized, Perry was spotted traveling through Europe with this brand new guy. A witness tells Us magazine: "They were very relaxed and happy and got no special treatment".

Even if you might not know who Giabiconi is, he's actually quite a star in the fashion-industry. He has an amazing portfolio including campaigns with Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Giorgio Armani, and even Dior. Wow, it sounds like a good choice Katy! And we can see he is pretty good handsome too!

Even if it's love or not - still, these two are totally hanging out. Stay tuned! (hollywoodgossips)

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25/03/2012 10:18 PM
Of course not, Baptiste Giabiconi slept with Karl
Lagerfeld to earn his contracts, he is basically a
prostitute, Katy just wants Russell to feel
jealous and wants to show the world that she wasnt
affected by the divorce, she is paying Giabiconi

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