Katy Perry

25 October 1984, Santa Barbara, California, USA
29 years

Russell Brand,Josh Groban, Travis McCoy
Katy Perry got famous for her hit single I kissed a girl from the album One of the Boys. She was nominated for "best female video" and "best female new artist" on MTV Video Music Awards 2008. In August 2010 she released her second album "Teenage Dream" with hits on it like, "Fireworks" and "California Gurls". She married Russell Brand in October 2010 but they got divorced in December 2011.

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Lilo Is a Wanted Woman Again!

Wednesday 8:29 AM, 09/06/2010
Bad girl!
Embarrassing! The judge in Lindsay Lohan's ongoing court case has issued another warrant for Lilo's arrest after her alcohol monitoring bracelet went off at one of the afterparties for the MTV Movie Awards the other night! Lindsay's alcohol monitoring SCRAM bracelet starting flashing and going off at Katy Perry's post MTV Awards party in Los Angeles, making everyone stare at poor Lindsay. She has tweeted that she didn't violate her alcohol ban but the judge thinks the SCRAM doesn't lie, so she has issued the arrest and said that if Lindsay pays the 200 000 dollar bail she can go free, otherwise its jail time! (Source:TMZ)
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Sneak Peak: Katy Perry's New Music Video!

Tuesday 11:52 AM, 08/06/2010
Rocking at the MTV awards Oohhh!
Katy Perry performed her latest single "California Gurls" ft. Snoop Dogg at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night and it was rocking, but we just saw a sneak peak of the upcoming music video and its ummm.... pretty cheeky really! Take a look for yourself and see what we mean and vote on what you think! (Source: Total Assault)

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All the MTV Awards Action!

Monday 2:34 PM, 07/06/2010
Russell Brand Kristen Stewart Jessica Biel Lindsay Lohan Eva Mendes Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Nicky Hilton Christina Aguilera Nicky Hilton and Paris Hilton Scarlett Johansson Peter Facinelli Katy Perry The Jersey Shore ladies Twilight ladies Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Nicola Peltz Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith Miranda Cosgrove Anna Kendrick Victoria Justice Stephanie Pratt Lauren Bosworth Whitney Port
Were you watching the 2010 MTV Movie Awards last night? We were! The red carpet was packed full of hot young stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron and we thought Paris Hilton and Snookie from Jersey Shore were hilarious to watch as they shared the spotlight with microphones and all, but the best part of the night had to be Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez surprising everyone with a dance number, with Tom dressed as his movie character Les Grossman! Enjoy the pics and the clip!
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Katy Perry Threatens Record Company with Pregnancy!

Tuesday 11:52 AM, 01/06/2010
These two are planning a wedding too!
Wow what is Katy Perry up to? She is about to start touring for her second album and she is being quite the diva about her schedule! Katy has told anyone who wants to listen that she wants more free time this time around than with her debut album, because of course she is in a relationship now,with fiance Russell Brand. Katy knows exactly how to get her way too! She says if she thinks the touring schedule is too hectic, she will just stop having safe sex with Russell and get pregnant, which of course will ruin the tour! Ouch! Is this her weird way of telling us that she and her man are planning babies soon?! (Source:TheSun)
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:18 PM, 31/05/2010
8. We get it, Heidi Klum is gorgeous for her age and looks amazing after having four children, but that is no reason for this new slicked back hairs she has been wearing over and over on the red carpet lately! We think she is way prettier with some hair framing her face! Oh and the yellow of that dress clashes with her skintone! 7. Paula Abdul wore this tiny little bright pink dress at the American Idol final this past week and we just didn't get the thinking behind the look. If she was going for "Mini-Mouse" then I guess she got it right, almost exactly! All she is missing is the black Disney mouse ears! 6. Kirsten Dunst looks tired and washed out in this look! Although we love vintage, we don't think every outdated dress qualifies as vintage-fabulous! What is going on with her hair too by the way? Its over-bleached and growing out and the shoes she chose look like a granny's - all in all a total fail, except for the colour, blue is lovely on her. 5. Ok so we know the pregnancy thing is new for Alicia Keys, but really,  trying to cover up the bump with a million ruffles and frills just ends up making you look like a bad wedding cake instead of a lovely mummy to be! 4. Catherine Zeta Jones used to be such a stylista, but lately she has totally lost her way! She has lost some weight and now she just has no idea how to dress for her new shape! This bandage dress shows off all the wrong parts of her body! She looks totally out of proportion! 3. Brit model Alice Dellal is looking less edgy and cool these days and more like a girl who is a lost on the streets of London after way too much partying! Maybe some people think its hot, but we think she needs a good night's sleep and then maybe she will make better fashion choices too! 2. Katy Perry is probably our biggest disappointment of the week! We couldn't wait to see what she would wear to Fiance Russell Brand's new movie premiere this week, and then she wore this! We usually love Katy's fun red carpet style, but in this she looks like she is wearinig a cheap Cleopatra Halloween costume! 1. Another shiny mess! Liza Minelli wore this half see-through wet-look asymmetric outfit to the Sex and the City 2 movie premiere in New York this week. We think its totally age inappropriate for  her, especially the gel-bra shining through her top for everyone to see! NO!
Ooh it was a disappointing week for red carpet fashion especially! We were totally underwhelmed at the Sex and the City 2 movie premieres and some stars just seem to have totally lost all sense of style lately, yes we are talking to you Jessica Simpson and Catherine Zeta Jones! See who else needs to fire their stylist below!


Who was worst?

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You can Buy Russell Brand's Love Here!

Friday 10:24 AM, 28/05/2010
Perez Hilton swapped a pillow with his initials...we wonder who wanted that!
Russell Brand had some fun yesterday in the Beverly Center in LA! He opened a shop for just one day, where stars donated items, like a pillow from Perez Hilton, dresses from Katy Perry and many more items from Cameron Diaz ,Jonah Hill and even P. Diddy! Shoppers didn't need money to buy stuff owned by their favourite celebs, all they had to do was bring other things to swap with. One woman exchanged a diamond ring for one of Katy's dresses! All the excitement was filmed for a documentary Russell is making. Here is a short little clip:
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