Katy Perry

25 October 1984, Santa Barbara, California, USA
29 years

Russell Brand,Josh Groban, Travis McCoy
Katy Perry got famous for her hit single I kissed a girl from the album One of the Boys. She was nominated for "best female video" and "best female new artist" on MTV Video Music Awards 2008. In August 2010 she released her second album "Teenage Dream" with hits on it like, "Fireworks" and "California Gurls". She married Russell Brand in October 2010 but they got divorced in December 2011.

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Katy Perry Talks Love Songs - "If its not like the movies, don't do it!"

Monday 12:57 PM, 09/08/2010
The new Katy - love song girl!
As fans will know, Katy Perry has just released her first real love song "Not like the movies" and you might be surprised to know that she started work on the song just before she met the "love of her life" Russell Brand and not after. Katy says her advice to all girls out there is to wait until it all really does feel like a movie and the person makes your world spin, it worked for her! Here she is talking about the song and of course we have the song below for you to listen to and vote on what you think of it. How do you think Katy did on her first proper love song?

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What do you think of the song?

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Lady Gaga Nominated for 13 VMAs!

Wednesday 4:02 PM, 04/08/2010
Beyonce Eminem Katy Perry Taylor Swift Kesha
Wow, congrats Lady Gaga! It looks like the MTV Music Video Awards were just as impressed with Lady Gaga's music videos this year as we were! The VMA nominees have been announced and she has 13 nominations, topping all other performers! Other nominees include Eminem, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and newcomer Kesha. Its going to be quite a show as usual! For a the full list of nominations click here)
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Katy Perry Speaks In Tongues?!

Wednesday 12:54 PM, 04/08/2010
Her hot Rolling Stone Cover!
Katy Perry is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine and she does a pretty interesting interview inside too, telling a bizarre story about her parents! Did you know that both Katy's parents are christian ministers and that she was brought up with them speaking in tongues? Yeah, both her parents have what she calls "the gift" of the tongue-speaking language. Her father speaks in tongues and her mother interprets it, Katy says that is their speciality and as crazy as it might seem to us, to Katy growing up, it was as normal as saying "please pass the salt"! Wow! More info about the interview here.
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Katy Perry's Latest Single - Hit or Miss?

Monday 6:35 PM, 26/07/2010
The album art by NYC photographer Will Cotton - pretty!
Katy Perry has been a busy lady! This past week she released the album art for her new album "Teenage Dreams" which is due out on the 24th of August, but for those who are too excited to wait that long, she released the title track "Teenage Dreams" single this weekend. So we want to know what you think! Here is the song and the album art. Share your thoughts! (Source:PopGeneration)
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Teenage Dreams:

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Thursday 8:00 AM, 15/07/2010
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Russell Brand on the Wedding Diet?!

Tuesday 5:08 PM, 29/06/2010
It's no secret that a lot of girls tend to want to lose a few pounds before they gett married but have the guys started wedding-dieting too now?! Actor Russell Brand is set to wed his girlfriend Katy Perry next year and is it just us or has the guy gotten a little too thin lately? What do you think, too skinny or just right for a rocker like Russell?
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