Katy Perry

25 October 1984, Santa Barbara, California, USA
30 years

Russell Brand,Josh Groban, Travis McCoy
Katy Perry got famous for her hit single I kissed a girl from the album One of the Boys. She was nominated for "best female video" and "best female new artist" on MTV Video Music Awards 2008. In August 2010 she released her second album "Teenage Dream" with hits on it like, "Fireworks" and "California Gurls". She married Russell Brand in October 2010 but they got divorced in December 2011.

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Katy Perry bilder och skvaller | Allt om Katy Perry!

Tuesday 3:05 AM, 22/03/2011
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Welcome To The Katy Perry Circus!

Friday 1:04 PM, 18/03/2011
Crazy colors! Got to love the outfits!
She might not have the biggest voice out there but Katy Perry definitely has one of the most spectacular live shows around! She is on her "California Dreams" album tour at the moment and we just saw these pictures from her London show last night - its a crazy, colorful and technicolored fun Circus dream! Go Katy - wow!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 9:57 PM, 14/03/2011
Ok so this week there are a few hot mess dresses and outfits we wish had never made there way into our lives! Some of the usual susp...READ MORE ▶
9. Ok so these colors are kind of pretty on Emma Stone, but this dress is a really bad fit and is way too old for her! 8. Katy Perry's blue hair, we are just so over it! 7. Is it just us or has Fergie seriously slipped way down on the fashionista charts lately? When last did she just look pretty and hot and well styled? We can't even remember. We think she is trying too hard! 6. Another strange choice of outfit from Lindsay Lohan for her court appearances. This time a way too tight beige leather mini. She looked totally washed out, especially with the bleached hair 5.  Perez Hilton don't you have the cash to hire a stylist yet? Ask one of your star buddies for help then! You need it! 4. Jersey Shore's Deena Nicole Cortese in a ridiculous snakeskin number that looks like it came off some hideous warehouse discount rack, nothing sits well! 3. Oh NO! Vanessa Hudgens has committed one of the worst crimes of fashion ever - camel toe! Shame on you V, you of all people should know better! 2. Aubrey O'Day is known for her ridiculously frilly, dolly style, especially on the red carpet! That is why she is often the girl in the silliest most costumey outfit around. 1. Kelly Bensimon is crazy we all know that, but wow, who ever thought she was crazy enought to arrive on a red carpet in nothing but a bad fitting leotard and a cardigan, Yuck!
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Ever wondered what it's like kissing Katy Perry?

Thursday 4:00 PM, 10/03/2011
Entering paradise!
Well you need to wonder no more - Russell Brand will tell you! When appearing on The View recently, he dished on what it's actually like kissing ev...READ MORE ▶
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Get Over the Blue Phase Katy Perry!

Wednesday 8:48 PM, 09/03/2011
So over this look! Love the rest of the outfit!
Pop superstar Katy Perry is in Paris at the moment, like so many other celebrities, checking out Paris Fashion Week. Katy is also touring and promoting her latest album "Teenage Dream". We bet Katy is the only celeb, running around the fashion capital of the world in blue hair though! We realise its probably for the stage, but really, we are bored with this look for her now!
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The Floppy hat - who wore the trend best?

Wednesday 5:06 PM, 09/03/2011
Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine is going for the warm colors. Kate Moss, this is hot! Black is back. Katy Perry in a perfect outfit for the beach. Lindsay Lohan with a pair of Ray-Ban Pilots, classic! Rebecca Ferguson in a plain but hot look. Nicole Scherzinger with details like rivets on her hat! Paris Hilton in a feminine and summery look. Phoebe Price a little to much of everything, the hat would be enough! Okej Rachel McAdams, this match probably was not the prettiest, but the hat is still nice! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a simple but pretty outfit!
Over the past year its been a shy trend for upcomming, but now it's here for real! The Sloch hat-trend is on and stars like Paris Hilton, Katy Perr...READ MORE ▶
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