Katy Perry

Aug 1 2014 3:08 PM

How President Obama Praised Katy Perry!

Katy Perry has millions of fans all over the world and one of her biggest fans is no one less than president Barack Obama...

Jul 31 2014 11:35 AM

Katy Perry To Be A Mom - With Or Without A Man!

Katy Perry says she's ready for the next step in her life - becoming a mother...

Jul 18 2014 10:12 AM

Full List: Check Out The 2014 MTV VMA Nominations!

Last night MTV revealed the nominees for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards...

Jul 4 2014 4:46 PM

How Much It Costs To Book Your Favorite Band!

If you're dreaming about having One Direction or Katy Perry performing on your birthday or wedding it's not impossible - but it's a matter of money...

Jul 1 2014 11:45 AM

Top 10! She Is The Most Powerful Celebrity In 2014!

Forbes released their list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities recently, and a well-known woman has climbed to the top this year...

Jun 18 2014 8:50 PM

Katy Perry Launches Own Record Label!

Katy Perry has launched her own record label...

Jun 5 2014 8:22 AM

Katy Perry Has Reunited With Her Ex Rob Ackroyd!

Katy Perry is said to be back together with her ex-boyfriend Rob Ackroyd...

Jun 4 2014 1:30 PM

Katy Perry Takes Calming Pills Before Concerts!

Katy Perry has confessed she takes anti-anxiety pills to calm her nerves before her concerts...

May 26 2014 12:30 PM

John Mayer Is Desparate To Date Lea Michele!

It looks like John Mayer has moved on from Katy Perry with yet another brunette...