Katie Price

22 May 1978, East Sussex, England
36 years

Dwight Yorke, Gareth Gates, Peter Andre
Katie Price is a British model/writer and tv-persona who used to go by the name Jordan. Has two children, a daughter with boyfriend Peter André and a son with football player Dwight Yorke. Jordan also loves plastic surgery.

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This is why we love Jordan!

Friday 7:05 AM, 30/07/2010
You just have to be amazed at Jordan aka Katie Price! Who else shows up to a book signing at a mall dressed in a ridiculous outfit like that! Jordan never disappoints with her crazy hair and overdone makeup and outrageously trashy looks. Atleast we know there will always be something to be entertained by when she is near! Katie is promoting her latest novel "Paradise" by the way...
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This week's worst dressed celebrities!

Sunday 12:00 PM, 18/07/2010
10. We're usually very fond of Ashley Greene's choice of outfits, but even she can't make this cheap looking dress look classy! It's totally unflattering to her body shape and the turtleneck gives us nightmares! 9. This dress is actually okay but it just fits Ellen Pages body horrendously! Ant with such pale skin she really shouldn't go for a colorless green dress, she needs something colorful and vibrant!
8. We think Jennifer Garner could at least dress up a little when going out to restaurants. Those jeans are way too big for her and the top makes her look pregnant! She's in need of a serious shopping spree! 7. Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she needs to start showing it! It doesn't hurt to dress up every now and again, she just didn't try at all with this outfit.

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki just has no sense of style what so ever, we recommend her to hire a stylist, pronto! 5. Katie Price looks like Cruella de Vil in this photo! She needs to loose the fake hair and start dressing her own age! Her dress together with that jacket is such a tacky combo!

4. Demi Lovato simply tried too hard with this outfit. What is up with that awful gray plastic detailing on her brown t-shirt? 3. Renée Zellweger wore this outfit while out shopping. We think this outfit is really sketchy and it could possibly oass as joggin attire, but when you're out and about you really should put some more effort into your outfits! We also have no comments on the purple band-aid..

2. Ke$ha just got it wrong in every possible way.. as usual.. 1. Kylie Minogue got it all wrong. The dress has an awful shape, ugly color and the dozens of buttons are just ridiculous! Button down Kylie, NOW!
Like every other week this one was also filled with plenty of celebrities who dressed in the dark and stepped outside their homes prior to looking themselves in the mirror. Ke$ha & Snooki are becoming regulars on our worst dressed lists and Ashley Greene, who usually gets it completely right made a first time appearance this week! Who do you think was this week's worst dressed celebrity and why? Vote!


Who do you think was this week's worst dressed celebrity?

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Style Tip: Would You Wear This Hairstyle?

Thursday 4:04 PM, 17/06/2010
Fergie Davina McCall La Roux Mark Ronson Kim Kardashian Rihanna AnnaLynne McCord Ava Simmons Jordan Marion Cotillard
Stars like Gwen Stefani and Rihanna have made this edgy haircut and style their signature look, but they are not the only celebrities rocking this edgy "quiff" look. Everyone from Fergie to Kim Kardashian and even AnnaLynne McCord have tried out their own verstion of this style. Here are some examples below - will you be rocking this trendy do?


Would you wear this trend?

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Party Night In London!

Friday 7:08 AM, 07/05/2010
Adam Lambert love London! Kerry Katona is a professional party girl! We loved Amelle Berrabah's vintage look! Chelsea player Frank Lampard getting cosy with Christine Bleakley in the car!
It was a big night in London last night! The London Mayfair Hotel was packed full of celebrities looking to have a good time. It was quite an interesting mix of people too with everyone from Jordan to American Idol's Adam Lambert all there and dressed in their usual unique styles! Must've been a crazy night!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:06 PM, 12/04/2010
8. Ooh another cut-out victim! This look almost never works and with those knee-high boots Ginnifer Goodwin has made herself look really short and squat! Fail! 7. Another fashion risk gone wrong for Whitney Port! We don't love her hair up in a bun like this and this dress looks more like a costume from some kind of theme party than an a chic evening look! 6. Ooops! Mischa Barton showed up to the Nylon Magazine party last week wearing this gold outfit with her clashing white heels! She looked so spaced out on the red carpet, the rumours are flying she is using again. Trashed is never a hot a look Mischa! 5. Ok so maybe its trendy right now, but that doesn't mean we have to love it on Leighton Meester. This Giambattista Valli dress with the fringed back just didn't do it for us! 4. As if it wasn't enough that Rachel Bilson showed up on the red carpet in a white bra dress, she also wore all white accessories - we don't like! 3. Okay so Meryl Streep is not exactly known as a total style star, but we think this is a specially unflattering look for her! The colours wash her face out too much and the top totally hides her great body! 2. We can't tell if this is America Ferrera as herself or as her character Ugly Betty, both ladies have been known to choose some pretty crazy outfits and this one is no exception! 1. It looks like Jordan aka Katie Price has been raiding her baby daughter's wardrobe! At a promotion tour for her new book, Katie wore this ridiculously tight and silly look. We really really really hate those pink Uggs!
This week hasn't disappointed with the bad fashion choices! There were a few surprises for us, Michelle Trachtenberg, Whitney Port, Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester are usually on the best dressed list, but they all had a really crazy week when it came to style! Take a look!


Who was worst?

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Katie Price and Her New Gig!

Saturday 8:18 PM, 10/04/2010
This may come as a surprise to some of you because it sure did to us! Katie Price, aka Jordan, isn't just a page 6 girl and scandal celebrity, she's apparently also a designer! Katie has recently released a new line of riding clothing under the name KP Equestrian which surprisingly enough seems to have the potential of becoming really successful! Imagine that!
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