Katie Price

22 May 1978, East Sussex, England
36 years

Dwight Yorke, Gareth Gates, Peter Andre
Katie Price is a British model/writer and tv-persona who used to go by the name Jordan. Has two children, a daughter with boyfriend Peter André and a son with football player Dwight Yorke. Jordan also loves plastic surgery.

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 8:11 PM, 04/10/2011
Lily Allen just looks super boring, what happened to Lily's preppy-chic style that we loved? Katie Price, "Jordan" looks super tacky! Ciara is trying to look like a sexy spice girl. Ciara, they were hot in the 90's.. AnnaLynne McCord is yet again on this list. Where is the personal style? Bai Ling is a walking fashion don't! Taryn Manning wore this ensemble to a red carpet event. We don't know what's worse...the short shorts paired with hooker heels or the fact that she couldn't be bothered to take off her coat. If she was so cold she should wear longer pants...just a tip, Taryn! Audrina Patridge, a nude dress with silver fringes? Fringe dresses are just so out of fashion! Why would anyone ever wear this shapeless sack shirt? And those hideous leggings? Poor Sophie Monk! Pixie Lott, cat ears, lace AND grey ski socks?
This week's worst dressed celebs had a bad fashion week! Who knew that so many celebs had bad taste? Some how AnnaLynnne McCord makes our list every week (girl needs to step up her game!) Click on the pics to see which celebs are this week's worst dressed!
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Another One Bites The Dust For Jordan!

Sunday 2:01 PM, 02/10/2011
Oh Katie Price, when are you ever going to get your personal (and professional life) sorted out? By now you must surely have realized that the publ...READ MORE ▶
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Worst Looking Celebs! When Plastic Isn't Fantastic!

Tuesday 5:30 PM, 20/09/2011
Now..not so cute! Melanie Griffith B.S, Before Surgery! Total face make-over Melanie! Tori spelling before. Tori Spelling...OMG! Jordan (Katie Price) before. Jordan (Katie Price) After! Recognize Megan Fox? This is how she looked before! ..And this is Megan now.
Plastic surgery can do wonders to some. While others just take it a bit too far, and re-modulates themselves like play-doh! When is enogh really enough? We know when! Click on the pics and take a look at these plastic surgery maniacs!
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Katie Price Could Be Toxic Judging By These Photos!

Thursday 11:14 PM, 08/09/2011
Oh no. Oh no.
Ok we're kind of speechless, the image of Katie Price aka Jordan in an orange, velour leotard with a tan to match has been forever burned in our eyes. Help us! Please!

Katie just launched her own magazine, smartly titled "Katie" and at the launch party she wore what might be the worst thing we've ever seen. First: a leotard? Girl, you might as well be a figure skater in the 80s! And then she chose velour, the fabric of the Paris Hilton, but let's not forget that it was ORANGE VELOUR. With her magazine printed across the stomach, you know, for PR reasons. And her boobs, well they might as well have been wearing their own orange leotards because apparently they were separate guests at the launch. Seriously, this is crazy!

The magazine is supposed to be about Katie's life, it will have all kinds of interesting facts like how to turn your tan from day-glo to neon tangerine and what to do when one of your fakies flats and you're left with asymmetry!
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Katie Price To Release Her Own Magazine!

Sunday 6:11 PM, 28/08/2011
We feel so sorry for her daughter!
What an absolutely horrific idea! But we guess we can't be too surprised, scandal queen Katie Price, aka Jordan clearly seems to think that everyon...READ MORE ▶
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Jordan's Daughter Is The Cutest!

Wednesday 10:31 PM, 06/07/2011
You can accuse glamor model Katie Price (aka Jordan) for many things. Being a bad role model, cheating and giving her children ridiculous names. To name a few. However, one thing you can't accuse her for is having an ugly daughter!

We spotted Katie and her daughter Princess Tiaamii leave their house in Kingston, London yesterday and even though Katie was the one pining for attention in her hair badly-fitted extensions and fake tan, we just couldn't take our eyes off Tiaamii! What a little angel! We just pray that she is raised with some good, healthy influences in her life. She is going to need it.....
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