Katie Holmes: "Suri is my stylist!"

Friday 9:43 PM, 07/01/2011
Katie Holmes: "Suri is my stylist!"

Baby fashionista

Listen to Suri!

Listen to Suri!

Everyone knows who the real fashionista in the Holmes-Cruise family is right? Without question its little 4 year old Suri Cruise and luckily her mother, Katie Holmes has made peace with it. Katie says in a recent interview with Elle Magazine, that not only does Suri pick out her own clothes, but she also gives Mom fashion advice!

Suri says things like "I don?t like your pants" and "you have to wear those shoes" or "that's pretty Mommy, wear that!". How cute! Katie says Suri has a great eye for style and we have to agree! Listen to your daughter more Katie! (read more here)
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Mell(non member) 1
12/01/2011 4:59 PM
She's so cute !

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