Has Katie Holmes become a goth?

Friday 10:27 PM, 21/11/2008
Has Katie Holmes become a goth?

Stop picking your nose!

Stop picking your nose!

Cute shoes!

Cute shoes!
Katie Holmes cuddled and kissed her daughter Suri Cruise as they arrived at their downtown apartment in New York. Cute Suri was wearing her signature ruby red Mary Jane shoes. Katie had heavy, almost gothic, dark eye make-up. We are not used to se Katie look like this, what do you think about her new tougher style?
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OHHhH(non member) 1
29/11/2008 1:54 AM
oHhH Gad,KaTiE Is sO sKiNnY... bUt tHe lItTlE GiRl
suRI Is sO BeAtIfUl..

Raven(non member) 2
01/10/2011 11:35 AM
She isn't a Goth at all. Goth is much more unique
than this, even if she does look pretty here.
There's much more to Goth than just makeup.

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