Katie Holmes

18 December 1978, Ohio, USA
35 years

Joshua Jackson, Josh Hartnett, Chris Klein, James Van Der Beek, Chris Klein, Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes played Joey Potter on the tv-show Dawson's Creek and has since then been in movies like The Gift and Batman Begins. She was engaged to actor Chris Klein, but is now married to actor Tom Cruise. They also have a daughter together. Her name is Suri.

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Then And Now: Katie Holmes!

Monday 3:09 PM, 30/07/2012
Before she would wear jeans to the premieres. Katie's style used to be simple and feminine. "When Katie first met Tom, she was blown away” sourses say, all she wanted was to make an impression. When she fell in love with Tom Cruise her style changed and she started to experiment with more fierce looks. Now that Tom and Katie have broken up, Katie is going back to her old self and style. This summer we catch her walk around Manhattan in casual clothes.
Katie Holmes got her first big acting job in the late 90's when she played Joey Potter on teen TV-show "Dawson's Creek". As she quit the show in 2003 her movie career started to take form with films like Thank You for Smoking (2004), Batman Begins (2005) and First Daughter (2005). Then Katie met Tom Cruise in 2006 and the rest is history... Her career began to suffer and she stopped filming for many years. But it's not only her career that has changed during the years, he style has too! Click on the pictures to see Katie Holmes, then and now!
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Top 10! Best Dressed Celebrities Of The Week!

Tuesday 9:05 PM, 17/07/2012
2. Androgynous fashion is so hot! Keira Knightley pulls it off! 3. Whitney Port went for a walk in these amazingly cute shorts! 4. Alessandra Ambrosio is always right when it comes to fashion, and she didn't make an exception this week! 5. Model Leila Lopes in an adorable white mini dress! 6. Black and white! Fergie looks awesome! 7. Katie Holmes are having her hands full right now, but she still dress to impress! 8. We never thought we'd say this, but look at Katie Price's outfit! So cute! We love the pants, bu she could've skipped the shoes, they're a bit too much! 8. Fashionable mom and daughter: Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. 10. Molly King.
We're constantly inspired by our favorite fashionistas in the celebrity world, and this week is no exception. We spotted Vanessa Hudgens, Keira Knightley and even Katie Price (!) wearing awesome outfits, and they all looked amazing. Click on the pics for the best inspo this week!
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Latest news!

Katie Enrolled Suri Into A Catholic School!

Tuesday 8:28 AM, 17/07/2012
What will Tom think of putting Suri in a Catholic school?! We hope Suri will meet new friends at her new school.
It looks like Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes are looking for a brand new start now this coming fall. Katie has been all about cheering Suri up these ...READ MORE ▶
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Hollywood Recap! What Have Everyone Been Up To This Week?!

Friday 9:05 PM, 13/07/2012
So what's been up in the celebrity world this past week? If you read Posh24 every day you'll won't miss a single thing from Hollywood! But if you want to make sure that you know it all: here's a short recap!

Kim Kardashian bought Blue Ivy (Beyonce's daughter) a really expensive bracelet, and now she wants to be called Aunt Kim!? Is she trying to buy herself into their family? Read all about it!

Speaking of the Kardashian's, we have a new one! Kourtney gave birth to a baby girl this week! But what's her name? Find out!

Adele revealed that she's been preggo for much longer than we thought... Click here and find out when she's due (it's soon!).

And yes, the baby boom in the celebrity world continues. Fashionista Sienna Miller became a mom this week! Click here for more info!

Are you a fan of the 80's? Well, we are. Click here to check out the hotties that were born that decade!

Two of our favorite hotties from the 80's, Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson are in a huge b*tchfight right now. But are you team Spider-Man or Team Vampire? Tell us here!

Lady Gaga showed up at LAX airport wearing... Well, basically nothing. But is she the worst dressed of the week? Find out here!

Kacie of Kacie's Kloset is the winner of our Fashion Blog Battle! But have you seen the rest of the contestants' cool outfits? Check them out!

And finally, we have ALL THE DEETS about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce. And believe us, it gets crazier for every day... Read everything (EVERYTHING!) here!
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Latest news

Is Katie Holmes Changing Suri's Name?

Friday 8:18 AM, 13/07/2012
Katie is going to extremes to keep "Scout" away from her dad.
The highly dramatic and incredibly intense divorce between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wrapped up actually pretty quietly. The settled behind close...READ MORE ▶
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Latest news

Nicole Kidman Helped Katie Escape Tom!

Thursday 8:08 AM, 12/07/2012
Nicole helped Katie as much as she could. He had no clue!
Katie Holmes had many friends helping her when she was escaping her husband Tom Cruise. But little did we knew that one of the ones who helped her ...READ MORE ▶
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