Katie Holmes

18 December 1978, Ohio, USA
35 years

Joshua Jackson, Josh Hartnett, Chris Klein, James Van Der Beek, Chris Klein, Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes played Joey Potter on the tv-show Dawson's Creek and has since then been in movies like The Gift and Batman Begins. She was engaged to actor Chris Klein, but is now married to actor Tom Cruise. They also have a daughter together. Her name is Suri.

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Katie Holmes Has The Perfect Transitional Look!

Sunday 1:50 PM, 11/09/2011
We don't really get what Katie Holmes' deal is. Sometimes she completely nails her outfits, and other times she steps out wearing something that would even put Jordan or Snooki to shame! The other day we spotted her hanging around Soho in New York, and she sported what we think is a great transitional look. Balancing summer and autumn elements is really hot right now!
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The Top 12 Terrible Trends...EVER!

Saturday 3:15 PM, 10/09/2011
2. Shutter shades are ridiculous, you can't even see out of them and they don't protect your eyes from the sun. They are pointless, Kanye West! 3. Sheer skirts are as pointless as shutter shades. Just cute off the bottom and make the top a bit longer and then we can see Blake Lively's gorgeous legs! 4. Trucker hats, a thing of the early 2000s, yet AnnaLynne McCord thought she could bring them back. Thankfully she didn't succeed. 5. Ugh, if we see one more guy sporting a pervy, creepy, Hipster mustache we'll puke! Jason Schwartzman should know that this is a major turn off. He looks like a science teacher by day and a serial killer by night. 5. Kim Kardashian in this year's "cut out trend", which was designed by someone who is challenged by scissors. 6. Harem pants look like you're wearing a saggy, soggy diaper. Ew! 7. Demi Lovato in a mullet dress. Ugh, we that hate everyone is trying to make mullet dresses "happen." They ugly, period. 8. We really dislike Crocs! Just throw on some Converse Jennifer Garner, they're so much cuter! 9. For some reason dyeing your hair grey was trend. You guys, wait until your old then you'll get real grey hair there's no reason to go grey when you're in your 20s! Hint hint, Kelly Osbourne! 10. Paris Hilton is a product of the 2000s, back when track suits, velour, and having the word "juicy" printed across your butt was considered cool. And maybe it was back then, but now....no way! 11. We're not the least surprised that the Jersey Shore cast loves Ed Hardy, which speaks volumes for us. 12. Blue eyeshadow is outdated and is actually really unflattering in this extreme! Taylor Swift should know better!
There are some trends that have unfortunately made it into mainstream fashion, trends like harem pants or trucker hats have been thrown in our face, and for some reason we give in...we buy these ugly, terrible trends as if they are actually cool. They're not nor will they ever be. So it's time to throw away your shutter shades, your Crocs, and that hideous Ed Hardy shirt you bought last spring, you will never need them again. We promise! Click on the pics to see the top 12 Worst Trends of All Time!

PS. What other trends do you hate? What about crop tops, we're not big fans...
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Posh Picks From Around The Web!

Wednesday 11:17 PM, 07/09/2011
Ashley Benson's pick up lines! LOL! [teen]

Katie Holmes is sweeeaty! [Hollywire]

Jesse McCartney has a new song and it's hot! [Just Jared Jr]

We love these plaid pieces! [Teen Vogue]

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This Week's Top 10 Celebrity Street Style Looks!

Thursday 5:18 PM, 01/09/2011
09. Ciara wears a sheer black shirt, short white shorts, and black boots. It works for her! 08. Taylor Swift looks very romantic and girly in her long pink dress. We're not huge fans of this look, it's a bit messy! 07. We like this simple look on Katie Holmes! Never be afraid to just wear a simple white tank top and khakis! 06. Kim Kardashian looks super chic in her red dress! We especially love the pleated skirt! 05. Rose McGowan pairs one of Fall's hottest trends, leather shorts, with a simple nude tank top and snakeskin heels! We love her girly pink lipstick and how she rocks leather shorts! 04. Malin Akerman displays her simple street style by dressing in a grey tank top, black pants, and some killer heels! It's the perfect mix of urban and chic! 03. We love, love, love this bright blue asymmetrical dress that Ashley Tisdale is wearing! She looks fantastic. 02. New mom, Selma Blair, looks great in her white eyelet dress and white oxfords! Such a cute outfit! We love her burgundy purse! 01. SJP looks super chic in her nude dress with neon yellow cardigan! Then again, she rarely gets it wrong!
This week some of our fave celebs displayed awesome street style! We loved Sarah Jessica Parker's nude and neon combo and Malin Akerman's sober style with hot sunnies! Click on the photos to check out this week's top ten celebs with the best street style! Who do you think had the best style?
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 6:02 PM, 30/08/2011
Avril Lavigne is wearing her own line, Abbey Dawn. We get it, Avril has her own style, but we're SO TIRED of hot pink paired with black! It's just super boring for an outfit that could be so much more fun! Kendra Wilkinson must have the shortest torso ever! This is one way to NOT wear a romper! Oh Katie Holmes! First of all her dress looks super budget (it's Azzedine Alaia) and secondly her shoes don't go at all! She just looks so....ugh! These shorts and that shirt are super unflattering on Katherine Heigl. We think the shirt would've looked so much better if she had paired it with some skinny jeans or flares! As for the shorts- throw them away! It's a bit unfair to put Snooki on this list since she's notoriously dresses horrible, but sometimes she's just asking for it! We hate this dress, we hate her hair, and her yellow eyeshadow makes her like an evil comic book character! It looks like Kelly Rowland is wearing a saggy diaper! There's just too much going on with Vanessa Simmons' skirt. The It's like a weird take on the mullet skirt but with a black and white pleated ruffle...and that lime green color, ugh! Sarah Jessica Parker shocks in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit. SJP is usually spot on with her style but this is just crazy! Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Actress, Ashley Rickards, channels big bird and her hair is hot mess.
This week's worst dressed brought a whole new level of terrible and odd to the red carpet! From Sarah Jessica Parker dressing like Little Red Riding Hood (seriously!) to Katherine Heigl dressed like a lumberjack, some of our favorite celebs this just didn't bring their A Game this week. Click on the photos to see more pics and vote for this week's worst dressed!


Who Was the Worst?

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Fall into Summer: Katie Holme's Khaki Casual Chic!

Monday 12:15 PM, 29/08/2011
Sometimes the best outfits are the simplest, like this one worn recently by Katie Holmes. We love how causal Katie looks in her khakis, white tank top, black bag, and matching black ballerina flats. The rivets on the flats add an unexpected detail and her black, leather bag brings a simple sophistication! To make this outfit more Fall friendly, throw on a warm cardigan or add a brightly colored scarf!
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