Katherine Heigl

24 November 1978, Washington, USA
36 years

Katherine Heigl started out as a model for the modeling agency Elite. She then landed a part on the tv-show Grey's Anatomy. She is best friends with T.R. Knight who is also on Grey's Anatomy. She is of Irish and German descent.

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Casual Katherine Heigl!

Friday 2:21 PM, 14/10/2011
Katherine Heigl spotted on the go in Los Angeles, wearing all black paired with ballerina flats.
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Katherine Heigl's New Movie Looks HORRIBLE!

Monday 12:14 PM, 26/09/2011
Katherine Heigl will be starring in a new movie...finally! The movie, "One for the Money" is based of the famous Stephanie Plum novels (have you read them? You totally should! Hilarious!) and Katherine will play the title character, Stephanie.

We watched the trailer and the movie looks ridiculously terrible. We think Katherine's Jersey accent is horrible! There are a few funny parts but mostly, it just looks like a disaster waiting to hit theaters. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.
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Katherine Heigl Has Left Las Vegas!

Sunday 11:06 AM, 25/09/2011
Katherine Heigl is always just a bit off in her outfits. Take this one for example: awesome booties, black skinny jeans, a zebra purse, a silver blazer, and slicked back hair! She looks like a worn out Las Vegas act. Next time skip the zebra bag, Katherine!
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Sweaty Celebs, Down in the Pits!

Wednesday 2:16 AM, 07/09/2011
Meg Ryan Miranda Kerr is so beautiful, sweet.. and sweaty! Halle Berry is sweating, and ain't afraid to show it! Ashton Kutcher Oh, Katherine Heigl, this is bad!
Being a celeb in the spotlight can be demanding and sometimes hot! It's a sweaty job..literally! We've spotted some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities breaking sweat when there isn't a deodorant in sight! Red carpet, TV shows, and premiere's, it's totally embarrassing! Ewwww! Click on the pics to see these celebs pits!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 6:02 PM, 30/08/2011
Avril Lavigne is wearing her own line, Abbey Dawn. We get it, Avril has her own style, but we're SO TIRED of hot pink paired with black! It's just super boring for an outfit that could be so much more fun! Kendra Wilkinson must have the shortest torso ever! This is one way to NOT wear a romper! Oh Katie Holmes! First of all her dress looks super budget (it's Azzedine Alaia) and secondly her shoes don't go at all! She just looks so....ugh! These shorts and that shirt are super unflattering on Katherine Heigl. We think the shirt would've looked so much better if she had paired it with some skinny jeans or flares! As for the shorts- throw them away! It's a bit unfair to put Snooki on this list since she's notoriously dresses horrible, but sometimes she's just asking for it! We hate this dress, we hate her hair, and her yellow eyeshadow makes her like an evil comic book character! It looks like Kelly Rowland is wearing a saggy diaper! There's just too much going on with Vanessa Simmons' skirt. The It's like a weird take on the mullet skirt but with a black and white pleated ruffle...and that lime green color, ugh! Sarah Jessica Parker shocks in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit. SJP is usually spot on with her style but this is just crazy! Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Actress, Ashley Rickards, channels big bird and her hair is hot mess.
This week's worst dressed brought a whole new level of terrible and odd to the red carpet! From Sarah Jessica Parker dressing like Little Red Riding Hood (seriously!) to Katherine Heigl dressed like a lumberjack, some of our favorite celebs this just didn't bring their A Game this week. Click on the photos to see more pics and vote for this week's worst dressed!


Who Was the Worst?

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Katherine Heigl Keeps Getting Pap'd...Is She Preggers?

Monday 9:19 PM, 29/08/2011
Katherine and Josh! She's glowing.....
Katherine Heigl and hubby, Josh Kelley, are sure being pap'd a lot these days. Usually when that happens it means they're getting ready to announce something HUGE. Like maybe another baby....?!

We spotted both Katherine and Josh out on a sushi date and then they did some grocery shopping. Katherine was wearing a large and slouchy black tee (baby bump?) and a pair of jeans rolled at the ankle. She had on black flats and a pair of sunglasses. Her hair is finally growing out into a cute bob! What do you think? Could she be preggo?
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