Katherine Heigl

24 November 1978, Washington, USA
36 years

Katherine Heigl started out as a model for the modeling agency Elite. She then landed a part on the tv-show Grey's Anatomy. She is best friends with T.R. Knight who is also on Grey's Anatomy. She is of Irish and German descent.

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Celebrity Look-alikes!

Wednesday 3:59 PM, 31/03/2010
Sienna Miller and Mollie King - which one is which! Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank Katherine Heigl and Kate Bosworth - their names are similar too! Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Murphy Josh Duhamel and Johnny Knoxville
Its one of our favourite games to play! Which of our favourite celebs look like they could be brother or sister? Some of them really end up looking like twins seperated at birth! Here is our latest list of stars who we think could play each other in a movie about their lives. Take a look and enjoy!


Who looks most alike?

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Fashion Battle!

This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 5:36 PM, 28/03/2010
8. Is Emma Watson trying too hard to be a fashionista? Too many trends in one dress, lace, metallic flowers and leather! Tone it down Emma, we already love your style, you don't have to go crazy to make a fashion statement! 7. Something is really off about this outfit on Whitney Port. We can't quite figure out if its the cut, the colour, the hair or what, it just doesn't work for her at all! 6. Its been a bad few weeks for Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fashion choices! She still hasn't changed that unflattering hairdo and this dress is not flattering for her pear shape. Way too sparkly and not enough chic! 5. What is Tina Fey wearing? We know she is  a comedienne, but really? Bright yellow plastic boots and a stiff formal jacket? We just dont get it! 4. When is Janet Jackson going to break out of the 80's fashion rut she is in? She is always wearing the same outfit! The jacket with the big shoulders, the belted waiste and the wide pants. Its over already Janet! 3. Katherine Heigl's bright red satin dress was a little bit too cute and sweet for our tast on the red carpet, but then the fit was so bad on her bustline that the whole dress came apart while she was on stage. No excuse, fail! 2. Another case of bad fit! Its never okay to bust out of your dress like this, as Jane Goldman did at a premiere in London this week. We can also see her breast padding! Not pretty! 1. No this is not America Ferrera dressed as her character Ugly Betty, its just America in a hideous outfit! This makes her look like a much older, less stylish lady, we have no idea what she was thinking when she decided to put this on!
Sometimes the stars seem to get dressed in the dark! We don't get why they make the fashion choices they do, especially when the clothes are totally unflattering or don't even fit properly! Here are this week's worst fashion fails!


Who was your worst?

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Latest news!

Its Official: Katherine Heigl Off Grey's!

Thursday 2:44 PM, 25/03/2010
Love those boots! She had a huge hair makeover too!
After a lot of drama and rumours of diva behaviour, Katherine Heigl has confirmed that she is finished with her hit TV show Grey's Anatomy - for good! Despite all the rumours, Katherine says its her family life, not her career dreams that made her decide to leave. Katherine said when she started a family, everything changed for her and she says now that she has her daughter Naileigh, she doesn't want to work full time anymore.

Katherine's character Izzie was supposed to come on Grey's for another 5 episodes, but Katherine says thats not going to happen anymore and she is sorry to disappoint fans, but there was no other way, she had to make the right choice for herself and she hopes everyone will understand. Well we are totally disappointed! We wanted to see how Izzie was going to leave Grey's world and now she is just kind of disappeared with no explanation. So sad! (Source: EW)
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Red Carpet

All The Hottest Stars in Vegas!

Friday 1:09 PM, 19/03/2010
Sarah Jessica Parker Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis Katherine Heigl Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens Kristin Davis Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis Sam Worthington Amanda Seyfried Robert Downey Jr. Josh Duhamel
Wow, this is the most celeb-packed red carpet we have seen since ummm...maybe even before the Oscars! Some of TV and movie's brightest stars are in Las Vegas at the moment for the Warner Brothers Showest Showbiz convention. Check out award winners like Katherine Heigl, the Sex and the City ladies plus Vanessa Hudgens in her sexy outfit! Enjoy!
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Bye Bye Blonde Katherin Heigl!

Tuesday 3:59 PM, 09/03/2010
She likes it! She still looks lovely!
Wow, we spotted Grey's anatomy star Katherine Heigl hanging out with friends in Los Angeles yesterday and we almost didn't recognise her! Her hair is a completely different colour! She has gone totally dark! She still looks pretty and all, but what a change! We are wondering if its for a new role she is playing, or what?!
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Who Had the Best Star Hair Makeover?

Tuesday 5:18 PM, 26/01/2010
While on her Circus World tour last year Britney Spears wore her iconic blonde look, but now the tour is over Brit is brunette! Ashlee Simpson loves to play with her hair colour, but she spent most of last year as a redhead for her role in the new Melrose Place. But after she was fired from the show, she went very dark black - wow what a change! Jessica Alba went with blonde highlights for the summer, but she is back to brunette for the winter season, we think she looks hot with just about any colour under the sun! We weren't so crazy about Halle Berry and her bob haircut, she looked a bit too mumsy in it, so we were very happy when she chopped it all off to a sexy pixie cut that really shows off her beautiful face! Greys Anatomy star Katherine Heigl experimented with a darker do too this past year, but she is back to blonde now that she has taken up her role in the hit tv show again. We got to know Twilight star Kristen Stewart with her long locks as her character in the vampire movie, but then she cut them all off to play rocker Joan Jett over the summer. She seems to prefer the edgier style because she kept it after the movie was done filming! Mischa Barton went from blonde to brunette and cut some bangs this year and made herself instantly more sophisticated-looking, even though she went off the rails a little bit, very soon after! Scarlett Johansson debuted some rich brown locks for her stint as the new face of Dolce & Gabbana makeup and fragrance, but she soon went back to her naturally lighter locks! Singing diva Christina Aguilera has been sporting retro long locks for ages now, so her funky swinging bob is a fun change, we think it makes her look a lot more fun!
Celebs, especially Hollywood actresses are often changing their looks to suit a certain part in a movie or stage role, so we are used to seeing them look totally different from one day to the next! Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson and Scarlett Johansson are real chameleons when it comes to their hair and most of them are really lucky, they are so lovely they can pull off any colour or style. There have been some pretty dramatic makeovers lately, which of them do you think is the best?


Who had the best makeover?

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